Renewable Energy | Research and Which Green Energy Transition! Watch 5 months ago   10:33

This video covers renewable energy, which majors to choose in order to get into this field, and some research being done.

Renewable energy is not just one field, it can be broken up into solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass, and ocean. All of these are very different and involve many types of engineers and scientists to design and maintain the systems.

The most common majors to enter include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, civil engineering, chemistry, and physics. It is most important that you determine specifically what you want to do within the field of renewable energy before deciding on a major.


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Caawiye TV
solar vs wind, which one is cheaper to invest in? and which is better for a large scale energy production?
Broccoli Queen
great vid! Thanks :-)
Aditya Dixit
Nice video!
hafeez khan
Thanks for such a valuable guidance. Could you please mention some research based ideas regarding energy policy and plannings.
Thanks alot I am a mechanical engineer your information are helpful l surprized to know that you are eletrical engineer
Omar Fowler
Best Vlog hands down. The most informative by far. High content and quality breakdown of all topics. Is the biggest help in my search.
Dana Nour
Can you do video on nuclear fusion energy?
Ethan Swope
If trying to get into mechanical engineering to focus most on renewable energy, what’s the best subfield to go after?
Ethan Swope
I love you
Shikhar Agnihotri
Thanks guy,
You are helping me a lot
A Good Man
Is environmental engineering related to these aspects?I am studying at environmental engineering and I want to be a part of creating or improving the renewable energy systems. Is it possible for me to study these stuffs after my balcher?
Can you talk about jobs in the industry related to renewable energy as well?
Moses Estrada
I have watched all three of your videos on which degrees would be good for A.I. nanotechnology and renewable energy and i noticed that electrical engineering was listed in all 3 so im just wondering if electrical engineering is a good career for someone who wants to work with versatility
Ramses Perez De Leon
Hello, I am energy engeener and i am in the quality of enerrgy field also i will to take othe engeniering that is enviromental technologies.
Victoria Aguerrevere
What about environmental engineering ? Could you please do a video about it?
Could you get into it with environmental engineering?
rollno 10unknown
Thank you again . And can you please make a more specific video of electrical engineers in renewables energy.
Core Voltage
I appreciate this video as it's quite an eyeopener. I've contemplated going into the renewable industry but as a design engineer, or environmental engineer, I'm stuck deciding which field reaps the most rewards. On one hand I feel like there's a great sense of pride and commitment in unifying with industries that promote sustainable living and reduction of a nations ecological footprint, on the other I've wanted a job in the stem field that allows creative flexibility, like in designing and construction of technologies that can both benefit us while preserving the Earths precious resources. My question boils down to what major provides the best of both worlds in terms of design and construction?
Bryan Gonzalez
Why arent environmental engineers included here?! How dont they play a role in renewable energy?!
Dallin Sonnet
Very informative! Helps me get a better idea of how chemical engineering relates to renewable energy. Thanks!
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Green Energy Transition! Watch Renewable Energy | Research and Which 5 months ago   26:23

Unlocking The Keys To Solar Power - From The Beginner, The DIYer, Or The Advanced Person -
Germany's energy transition.
Landfill generates new, renewable energy.
Europe's perfect transition to a green energy future.
BNP CEO Says Billions Needed for Energy Transition.
Wind Turbine Power price drops open possibility of 'entirely green energy system'.
Solar farming is growing as option for producing renewable energy.
Green energy transition moves fast in Germany.
Solar Energy- Fastest growing energy source.

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