breaking into my best friends Reacting to our HYPNOSIS! ft. Emma Chamberlain 1 day ago   14:27

Olivia Rouyre
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Rob Damalerio
Does emma know? 😂
dolansx. xox
13:45 ethma pic
0:58 ethma pic
Yasmine P
They practically live there
Izzy Vachula-Curtis
i really want a skateboard in my house now 😂
Ashlee Shanen
I didt know bestfriends kiss on the lips 😌😏
Anna Terrace
Not even 30 seconds in and I’m already saying this bitch is annoying
Grace Cusack
“Not in my new sweatpants”😂😂
your friend looks like nick bean
Yanti Indragunawan
i dare you to do an olie on the skateboard!!!
Biscuit - Chan
ethma just admit please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0:57 that photo
A goal in life 💞
Olivia looks like robin from how i met your mother
Zainab Naser
Put earphones in at 3:23
Adelaine Morin FAn
AMMANDA is hilarious she should make a yt channel
Declan Kurta
Grapes are bad for dogs and cats so please don't let nappa have any. they cause kindey failure for cats and dogs
Anthony Moreni
You stupid bitch, you are mad at your mother for giving your ditzy, unspecial fucking IDIOT self a chance at life? How fucking dare you. go cut your wrists bitch and show your mom some supports, she needs you like YOU NEEDED HER to get in to any prestigious college with your dumb ass. Smash that like because I know you agree!
Farida Mohamed
amanda is so annoying
Yasmin Button
It is just a rash tho I had that too nothing else happens just have red marks on your body 😂
Sky Blue
Amanda is a MOOOD
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Reacting to our HYPNOSIS! ft. Emma Chamberlain breaking into my best friends 1 day ago   24:56

Last we got hypnotized and we all did't remember what happened.. Or so some of us claimed.. This week we sat down to watch ourselves under hypnosis for the first time. Here are our reactions. 0:


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