Jorge Masvidal Teaches Ben Askren 10 Times Trash Talking Went 2 days ago   03:34

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king bibibear
Mma media= ben askren looks like a Greek god
Jorge masvidal= hold my 3 piece and a soda
charlie garcia
Straight up,
Clean up, we have a askren spill on aisle 4.😵
Seng Khou
Love it ahahah
I so would love to see a rematch with these two.
Ryan Johnson
Ben askren is that annoying kid that attempts to troll but fails terribly and laughs by himself while everyone looks at him like a retard.. Umadbro was a thing 37 years ago..
When keeping it real goes wrong
Satanic Matrix Awareness
Are you Serious
I’ll be mad as fuck if they just so happen to come across eachother at Whole Foods and fight lol cuz I paid for me and my little brother for the actual fight it was only 5 seconds and if they fight at whole foods, I low it’ll last longer lol
Marcillio Ficino
I could watch that a thousand times and never get tired of seeing cocky Askren eat that knee.
Declan McDonnell
@ 2:22 Proof that the flying knee was so powerful it also knocked Masvidal out.
Ben Run his mouth didn't back nothing Your SHITT meaning Fuck You BITCH don't speak like this You SHITT
Josiah Liggins
What was supposed to happen by him ducking.
David Silva
I pulling for Nate to show this dude the way. Go Nate !
Gorilla heart
I love that knee
Jorge is a fuckin G. Real MF
Neil St Clair
astu astungkare
I dont like hes style...
Hes not respectful other fighter..
Hes like Bar Bar..
Hes cicken !

Amine Ouali
Ben No historie No futer 😂😂😂😂fick you ben punk igor head
Bada Bing
real G
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10 Times Trash Talking Went Jorge Masvidal Teaches Ben Askren 2 days ago   13:28

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Whether we love it or hate it, everyone is drawn to trash talkers in MMA. But the reality is, trash talking in MMA always comes with a risk. In some cases, it can work in your favor. And in others, trash talking can go very wrong. So for this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the times where MMA fighters were unable to back up the trash talk. As always, if you guys enjoy this video, be sure to let me know by leaving a like and subscribing to our channel. Now in no particular order, here’s a list of times trash talking went horribly wrong in MMA.

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