"It is a regime change agenda," says Militaires russes au Venezuela : le Kremlin 1 day ago   02:00

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The Interview: Marc Perelman interviews Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa

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Dante' '
Dont lie Mnangagwa..you and your stogies you are crooks and murderers you have robbed the ppl of Zimbabwe of their peace and freedom.
Dont sit there and blame the MDC you dont deserve that scarf.
unpaid troll
end white genocide in Zimbabwe and South Africa.
G Watsittoyaa
He killed his people and now he sold them out to China , FACTs
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Militaires russes au Venezuela : le Kremlin "It is a regime change agenda," says 1 day ago   01:39

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La Russie a demandé jeudi 28 mars à Donald Trump, qui l'a sommée de quitter le Venezuela, de la "respecter" et de ne pas se mêler de ses relations avec le Venezuela où elle a envoyer des militaires en accord avec le président Nicolas Maduro.

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