We Were Inside Zimbabwe After Zimbabwe activist pastor Evan 1 day ago   08:46

Things were supposed to be different in Zimbabwe after its former strongman ruler, Robert Mugabe, was deposed in a bloodless coup in 2017.

But once again, people in the southern African country are living in fear after enduring the worst state violence in over a decade, which left at least 12 people dead, hundreds more injured and over 1,000 detained.

For many, hope of a bright future has already been shattered.

Signs of disappointment in the state could be seen in December, when small scale demonstrations over stagnant wages began. The protests were a reaction to crippling inflation rates, which had reached a 10-year high, and the toll it was taking on everyday Zimbabweans.

But it was President Emmerson Mnungagwa’s decision to raise the price of fuel by 150 percent, that brought thousands onto the streets.

Overnight, Zimbabwe became one of the most expensive places in the world to buy fuel, and the people were letting the government know how they felt about it — some set fire to tires in the road and others were caught looting.

The state responded with brutal force. The government shutdown the internet, and deployed soldiers and youth militia from the ruling party, Zanu-PF, who went town to town, street to street, door to door, beating men, women and children.

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G5 Tela
Bring back Robert Mugabe
John Buhl
There should be another United Front like there was in the 90s all the old leaders Muzorewa, Sithole, Ndonga, Tekere, and Smith all teaming up to go against Mugabe
American Crusader
Remember Rhodesia? Highest literacy on the continent among the black population as well as high standard of living. Oh but this is better
Hurley Cape town
Such a beautiful country gone to shit.
Alex Shelton
Rhodesia was a better place...
nothisispatrick #0052my discord name
4:49 he kinda looks like the kekistani President , big man Tyrone
8:13 what goes around, comes around.
Brave people and great reporting!

Where are the UK, EU and US now that Zimbabwe desperately needs your help?

Oh wait Zimbabwe doesn't have any oil.

Western governments are not too busy to intervene in Venezuela - a country going through exactly the same issues - the only difference is they are an oil producing nation.

Then again that old crook Robert Mugabe and the ZPF dislike the West - so there's not much motivation - who can blame them for not getting involved.

Africa is like a scratched record - making the same sad sounds and mistakes - over and over again.

History repeating itself in a never ending spiral of pain and stupidity.

It's just another failed African country - move along.

I wonder how many decades it's going to take African nations to admit that they are all being left behind.
"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"
Thank you reporters from vice news please keep investigating the zimbabwe issues.
2:56 that is terrible
Wish we could turn back time

To the Rhodesian days...
Ju Piter
Rhodesians never die
Dear Vice - will you do a segment on how Mugabe came to power? Will you outline what Zimbabwe was like when it was called Rhodesia? Why don't we talk about their history a bit, since you know, you can't talk about the US , w.out crying over slavery and racism that is far more distant than Rhodesia's downfall and introduction of folks like Mugabe....
Teeq Toque
6:58. The journalist clearly doesn't believe that she is sincere.
Sean Jacobs
Otherwise known as ED's "new dawn"
Vernon King
Damn that's a nice Fendi shirt
Osvaldo Museta
Great Coverage VICE! This is way more informative and hands-on than anything to come out of Zim's own state media. Thank You
Sheunesu Dominic Mugabe
That young man Chamisa seems to be a capable leader that Zimbabwe needs.
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Zimbabwe activist pastor Evan We Were Inside Zimbabwe After 1 day ago   11:07

Zimbabwe activist pastor Evan Mawarire has been freed from prison, a day after the high court ordered his release on bail. Mawarire was detained at a maximum-security prison in Harare on subversion charges amid violent anti-government protests and faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted. Pastor Evan Mawararire has agreed to speak to us to share his experiences in jail and to explain the nature of the criminal charges he now has to fight in court.

For more news, visit: sabcnews.com

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