Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life 73 Questions With Kendall Jenner 2 days ago   19:31

Kylie Jenner
I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie

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13:58 that don’t sound like Travis
Maisie Elwin
Imagine taking a few minutes out of your day to choose what car your gonna take 😱
Ruby and Chloe
Stormi’s closet costs more than my house
stallo_ Lakeside
OMG stormi is so cute 😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nawras yt
17:59 WTF? Is he even a human? The ultimate gay person right here
Legacy Toxy
This is how many people want to see Travis in these vlogs
Gina Rendon
Kylie Jenner do you remember
Albert Ochoa
Barbara Lavinia
meu deus é muita bolsa
Don't forget guys, CONSUME.
SSZpicy Jeev
She actually flexing
Im probably the only one who thinks she sounds annoying and living with her looks boring. She looks like she has no passions apart from taking bikini selfies, make up and materialistic things. Not hating though, she’s definitely living a « dream life ».
alien kay
i feel so poor..
luli ha
Sin cerebro😂 viven en un mundo totalmente ireal😝
Rise and shine
Ayan dahir
Rise and shineeee
Dr Vidhya N
Kylie pretending to run the office 😂😂
This is how much thumb nails she has with pink in it
Kasey Munnerlyn
So fake, even her speech is fake lol!!! She looks a mess. Kendal is the only real one!
Yolanda Bazan
Hi no you inglihsd
Catherine Dudley
Still waiting for KendallxKylie collab!
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73 Questions With Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life 2 days ago   07:28

Kendall Jenner opens up about growing up in front of the cameras, who her favorite sister is, and what part of her body she wishes people paid more attention to.

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly – what they know.

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73 Questions With Kendall Jenner | Vogue

Created by: Joe Sabia

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