Award Worthy Trigger - First Setting up the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlight 2 days ago   03:16

Michael's Photo Tips - I was shooting the European Lifestyle Awards using my old Canon speedlite and the brand new Phottix LASO. Let me share some images and my first impression with you.

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I have a Nikon 910 flash on my Nikon D750 body. What commander/receiver do you recommend to make my 910 flash as a strobe flash? I'm new to all of this and would like your help
Paul Barratt
Ive just moved over to the Fuji Xt2 camera and was expecting that my Phottix Laso would work at least in manual mode.
Phottix was working great on my 5D Mark ii with my Canon speedlites but now won't trigger.
I under stood that Fuji use the centre contact in its basic form.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Is Phottix LASO better or Cactus V6 trigger better? Or both have pros/cons?
Maxim Yurchuk
Merry Cristmass!!!
Alan Shapiro
Phottix all the way. Have 4 older Canon flashes that are now like new again
Indeed the canon flash system is a mess. I don't understand why they don't have the transmitter built in high end models like the 5D III. You still need a master flash or a transmitter just to control the lights. And then they have IR and RF systems without intercompatibility!! What a mess!!

I bought the Phottix Odin on your advice and very happy with it. Hopefully soon I will switch from Canon cameras altogether.
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Setting up the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlight Award Worthy Trigger - First 2 days ago   05:06

Learn how to setup the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlight to be triggered by the wireless ST-E3-RT trigger. This flash and trigger system is great and easy to use and with true wireless connections its as reliable as you will get!

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