Tayo Mission Ace 2 l Tayo's Toy Adventure [Tayo's Sing Along Show 1 day ago   1:09:18

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When Bella finds out that all the toys were not forgotten and was touched by Ace and Duri's friendship, she decides to help other toys to find their friends(owners) back.

But, it seems that Louie isn't the lucky one to find his old friend, Kevin. Tayo and Lani decide to help Louie to find Kevin but there are adventures that they never thought of!

Watch the Full HD version of Tayo Mission Ace 2 "Tayo's Toy Adventure" with Tayo the Little Bus!

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CM Flores
Mechai the racer 25
Look at the background in 10:14 look you can see the Disney planes in the background
David Dinny
7:50 It’s Anime
Eggy PlaysRBLX64427
Oh mah gawd tayo turned real!

Edit:wait tayo is an apple?
Nuzhat Amina
Лена Купринова
Pooja Agarwal
Mendi Putra
Hey tayo
Sounds like tipito
M Ridwan
Wow filmnya bagus banget Adek aku jadi suka film Tayo nih
Rika Puspita
Tayo thank you
Rika Puspita
Thank you
Sri Purwati
Hai tayo
William Hendra
Everyrhing is in a real life Clothes road building plant everything
Fara Yazmeen
Shazam! 〽
Demir Omerovic
Thank you tayo the lille
COOLTRAY4ALL yhujein the geargorex
Dont rememember kobe
Lucy & The Mice - Arabic
Thank you
Tayo the Little Bus
Leonarda Hernandez
Subtitle indonesian language please....
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[Tayo's Sing Along Show Tayo Mission Ace 2 l Tayo's Toy Adventure 1 day ago   30:17

Who likes go to the zoo? Or.. what about SAFARI?! Yes! Safari would be just like the zoo, but it's only the wild nature! Today, Lani is helping out her friends to travel around Safari safely. Come with us!

Let’s go together Explore an unknown world
Wonder what we will find! We’re so excited

Let’s go together Discover animals
Let’s set off step by step and have an adventure

A white body with lots of black stripes
The grasslands’ glamorous zebra
It can cut through the wind so swiftly
Gallop gallop it runs far away

Wiggle wiggle a bright red bottom The little mischievous monkey
It likes to swish its tail all around Goofy goofy it acts real silly

Oomba Oomba-ya Do not be afraid
Oomba Oomba-ya Come on and hold my hand
Now we are all friends Good friends forever
Let’s set off on a great adventure

Let’s go together Explore an unknown world
Let’s meet animal friends out in the wild
Let’s go together Discover animals

While humming to a song Let’s have an adventure
A real long nose and big stocky legs
The elephant greets us with its nose It can flap its big ears back and forth
Thumping thumping it can be so cute
Gold colored fur and very sharp teeth The proud and majestic tiger
Slowly oh so slowly it comes near
Growl growl it can be scary
Oomba Oomba-ya Do not be afraid
Oomba Oomba-ya Come on and hold my hand
Now we are all friends Good friends forever

Let’s set off on a great adventure
Let’s go together Explore an unknown world
Let’s meet animal friends out in the wild
Let’s go together Discover animals
While humming to a song Let’s have an adventure

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