Iran's revolution forty years Iran F-14 Fleet Viable 2 days ago   18:31

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Iran is marking forty years since the Revolution. Tehran this Monday is packed with people joining the crowd. Many of the banners pay tribute to Ayatollah Khomeinei who quickly became the icon of the Revolution, and a hate figure for the West. The Shah was overthrown in 1979 after clerics turned against him and inflamed the youth, who like today, needed jobs.
In this Debate you'll hear from Iranians about their country, their hopes, their aspirations. What do they think of the last 40 years?

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Comments 24 Comments

Manoochehr Mehdizadeh
Why you invited someone from iran he is off ours defending the Iranian government why this guy not talking about corruption in government Khamenei’s son corruption,human rights,people suffering because of mollah not America you should not bring anyone from iran to talk about this he is not dare to say something different Iran is not strong at all they are only big mouth and no election at all leader chooses 3 people and people have to choose between bad and worse the guy laying about everything Iranian people don’t want this terrorist government they supplying guns missal to unsafe the world they failure after forty years they achieved nothing except bring down our people country to ashes and we don’t know why Europe still supporting this terrorist government I regime change world will be safer with one democratic Iran please stop supporting mollahs
Tee Vee
Aahhh you lying SOB, to know when Fred is lying, just watch his lips if they move he's lying.
GUY Sendeli
Long live Iran. Macron must go.
Nick Z
The Iranians overthrew a monarchy and set up a theocracy. What's not to celebrate?
Why is it that as soon as the college professor in Tehran started talking about the Gilets Jaunes he was cut off? Wow- Democracy French Style...In my opinion, France 24 needs to spend more times on Gilets Jaunes. The French are out demonstrating against Macron and calling him a dictator but the Brutal French riot police is attacking it's own citizens. What a bout Human Rights and democracy for France? The French are saying that Macron MUST GO!!!
Only America can send troops to Syria and spend money on nuclear arms development. What arrogance! As long as an independent government does not invade nor attack another country they should be able to do whatever the hell the want. And I say this as an American.

It is also hypocritical to use financial terrorism aka sanctions against a country and then claim that they are mismanaging their economy. I’d like to see how well the American economy would do if there were an international blockade on purchases of everything made by Apple, Google and Microsoft.
Starr Magh
The world is complicated with many complex issues especially middle east.. Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of Iran!
Safa Nathan
Mr. Marandi, bravo en thank you on behalf of Iranian people for your comments.! respect!
Jeff Zad
I wish yellow vests also rich to their victory.
Agim Gashi
I regret normal ppl that have to live in zombieland:(
Peter Knopfler
Frenchy crap at the end you mention Yellow vests, should Macron step down, France 24 freaks out Big. End yet thee frency wants Maduro out, ha ha. idiots.
Noob Saibot
Why they cut Dr. Marandi off when he started to speak about yellow vests... macron is a dictator and thats a fact and hes killing and gassing his own people. MACARONI MUST GO...
phil James
Thats that those fanatics wanted.. you reap what you sow..
No more migration visa for iranian till they end their theocracy
OLIVER Aguilar
Islam is crap. Favor only the leaders.
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Iran F-14 Fleet Viable Iran's revolution forty years 2 days ago   10:34

The F-14 remains a uniquely potent air to air combat platform, in many ways the most capable in the Middle East. Its ability to fire AIM-54 Phoenix-Missiles, a weapon designed exclusively for the Tomcat capable of travelling at Mach 5, engaging eight targets simultaneously and hitting fighters over 190km away,

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