What we get wrong about affirmative Ramzan Kadyrov: brutal tyrant, 1 day ago   09:13

The latest allegation that Harvard discriminates against Asians could kill affirmative action altogether.

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An alleged discrimination case against Harvard has put the affirmative action debate in the spotlight again — this time with Asian Americans being used to make the case against it. But the problem is, the way we talk about race in college admissions hasn’t changed for years…and it’s often wrong.

While we may think of affirmative action as a policy that boosts college applicants of color to help undo the effects of historical discrimination — the Supreme Court has actually narrowed the use of affirmative action over decades of rulings. And now, armed with an allegation that Harvard is using race in college admissions to discriminate against Asian applicants — conservative opponents of affirmative action may put the issue back in the hands of a majority-conservative Supreme Court.

Watch the video above to find out what we get wrong about the debate, and how Asians may fit into the complicated use of affirmative action in US college admissions.

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The lawsuit against Harvard not only forces us to talk about where Asian Americans fit into the affirmative action debate, but also their role in the racial equity debate. Read why on vox.com: http://bit.ly/2C1Bc56
Bhum Brahmavira
This video was solid until the last 90 seconds. Then it descended into leftist propaganda.
D. Steven
A really bad-faith jab at the end there, Vox. This was a disappointing video.
that one guy c
So it isn't about race but it is ..... You smart ..... Affirmative action is racist and actually hurts the people who get it because it's putting people with lower in groups with higher scores in much harder collages making it even harder for them to succeed instead of going to a still very good we'll respected University where they can do well they get sent to somewhere out of there league like ivy league school and no it's not that I'm saying minoritys cant get into better schools on there own I just think instead of having it based on race we should base it on the actual skill of the person and if you really want to help people why not something like better grants for academic achievements for people of lower income it's not color that really matters I mean who do you think has it better the son of a black athlete, celebrity, docter who makes millions of dollars or a white kid living in a trailer park with one parent struggling to make ends meat leftist call republicans the most racist people ever but who are the ones who are really always so focused on the color of people's skin
I'm sorry, I understand the blacks, but what do we owe the Hispanics?
How does it feel to be sitting amongst your peers thanks to your race?
Why not give admission based to wealth instead of race? With AA only rich minorities get admission while poor minorities continue to suffer.
Yash Barve
Get rid of affirmative action and asians are more education focused
Yash Barve
They don’t compare the black on latinos to asians
Ok I'm confused, the vid basically said that currently the only point of aa was to diversify looking forward, and schools like Harvard are already ranking down students, why do we need aa if the incentive and desire for diversity already exists (apparently enough for a lawsuit). Plus the vid says aa is no longer about remedying past discrimination, and then it goes on to talk about the history of asian discrimination to see where they fit in the aa conversation...
There is one flaw that blows your entire theory out of the water.
Racial diversity does not equal diversity of thought.
If you think it does, then you are judging people and making assumptions about them based on their skin color. That makes who the racists?
I was a young kid in the early 70's. My generation was the first that really started off as young kids being allowed to play with everyone. I lived in a mixed neighborhood and we learned there are good white kids and bratty white kids, exactly like there are good black kids and bratty black kids. We made friends based on how they acted and how we got along with each other.
Unfortunately, not all areas were like that and it's more complex than that but, through the 70's & 80's we made real progress. We, society, was starting to judge people by the content of character and not the color of skin. I am not saying the problem was solved but progress was being made. We were getting there, it was working.
Problem is these young activists nowadays want to divide everyone up, and judge them by skin color again. That is a giant leap backwards for race relations.
We will never truly reach equal opportunity for all if we divide people into groups of any kind.
The very act of dividing people into racial groups make assumptions about them based on race. Assuming racial diversity means thought diversity may be well meaning but it's also a simplistic, naive and incorrect ideological narrative.
Wei Jun
Lol vox
Andrew Siegel
So basically this video says black people aren't smart enough to get into collage so they need some "EQUAlItY"
Devon Smith
I stomach Vox but this is trash. It really comes off like they hate the Conservatives so much they are willing to allow Universities to discriminate against Asians to protect the minorities they do like.
baka baka
Vox it also is in work.
Caleb Leung
Hey Vox, reverse racism IS STILL RACISM
asian americans DO work harder and we DO value education more than other races. it’s part of our culture.
affirmative actions hurts asian-american’s the most
affirmative actions hurts asian-american’s the most
Tim Roberts
You're a MORON... Affirmative action IS the definition of RACISM....!! Equal opportunity NOT equal outcome....!! Sorry you progressive mouthpiece...
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Ramzan Kadyrov: brutal tyrant, What we get wrong about affirmative 1 day ago   08:53

Meet the Chechen leader allegedly torturing gay people.

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Ramzan Kadyrov is the leader of Chechnya. He is a Putin proxy that has been in charge of the Russian republic since 2007. Recent reports have alleged that Kadyrov is systematically identifying and persecuting homosexual Chechen citizens. Many have fled the country in fear and have given interviews detailing his plans to kidnap, torture, and kill gay people. Despite the dark revelations, Kadyrov has continued to maintain an upbeat profile on Instagram, where he is a prolific user. Post by post, Kadyrov has used the social media platform to carefully craft a public image that distracts from his sinister behavior. Online he tends to post pictures of animals, selfies with friends, sports clips, and glamorous footage of Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. On the other hand, he also features imagery that hints at the darker aspects of his leadership. Kadyrov has a personal militia, called the “Kadyrovtsy”, and in various posts they can be seen shooting guns, performing training exercises, and practicing combat tactics. In doing so, he implies a clear threat to anyone who chooses to cross the Chechen leader. Two other common subjects are his religious faith and Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov is a devout Muslim and he leverages his faith to promote a strict interpretation of Islam: one that limits the role of women and endorses cruel punishment. He is also a fervent supporter of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. By featuring Putin in his posts, Kadyrov makes his deference to the Russian leader explicit. That is because Putin helped bring Kadyrov to power and affirms the authority of his Chechen subordinate. As long as Kadyrov maintains stability in the North Caucasus, Putin will continue to protect Kadyrov. That being said, if anyone is going to hold Kadyrov responsible for the troubling accusations about gay persecution, it will be Vladimir Putin. The more the world takes notice, the more Putin will have to, as well.

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