Boost converter using small Battery Restore 1 day ago   04:00

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Boost converter using small NPN transistor and 1.5 V AA battery

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m shuvo
Not like
Jackie LOL
Use pocophone f1 camera can focus better
Leo Zendo
That is an inductor.
ice hart
NPN transistor number plese
rilo ariicho ariicho
It seems to me that The length of the battery is longer then usual.a button cell could be added at the bottom of the pencil cell
Jiban Dey
You fucker you suck your own dick you maker of fake videos!!!!!!!
Times you see BS and know it is.
Abdul Ghaffar
how i can step up 2.2 in to 3.6 volt plz tell
Abdul Ghaffar
sir the name and velio of risens and pnp shown plz
hammad ali
Tom B
i think the resistor looking component is actually an inductor? Many times they just look like resistors.
Circuits Simplified
Which is the transistor you fool?
Carlos Ignacio Tovar Guzmán
This guy is some kind BS with his videos.
Peter Roberts
Cannot see circuit sense in the small diagram your video provides. One- Transistor when switched on puts a short circuit across the 1,5V cell. Two- Base resistor if 15ohms at 1,5V provides 100milliamps to a teeny transistor's INput path-> Bang. Three- The 3Volt LED cannot possibly receive 3V while CLAMPED by the transistor Base-Emitter junction (0,6V).
Four -There are no coils or capacitors to make or store a higher voltage.. Bull dust or a practical joke, or clickbait.
Poor show man.......
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Battery Restore Boost converter using small 1 day ago   14:27

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