FOOTAGE of Khabib & Nate Diaz Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier 2 days ago   11:03

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UFC 239 Recap & Results:
- Michael Chiesa def. Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision
- Jan Blachowicz def. Luke Rockhold via second-round KO
- Jorge Masvidal def. Ben Askren via first-round KO
- Amanda Nunes def. Holly Holm via first-round KO (4:10)
- Jon Jones def. Thiago Santos via split decision

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gregory ariel
Khabib would destroy that little d*ck Diaz
Neph Neph
Ben was high or sleepy how can a guy come flying to your face and not see him.
Russ Wong
Nate needs a paycheck!!!!! Got to get something poppin!!!
Atilah Mora
Mate Diaz is gonna win the fucking belt mark my words holy fuck I just realized it bro hate has been getting fucked over just to set him up for a title shot against the champ khabob
Tv az
Ben un rodi. Un rodi que?? Un rodillaso
Galih Kuncoro Galih
Nate Diaz fuck you,,you never wins vs Khabib the humble nurmagomedov
Galih Kuncoro Galih
Masvidal u r arogan u like Mc Gregor
Francisco Toscano
Punching co-workers in the face - quote of the year
Matt Dalton
Fuck ben
Jorge is so fucking face. Why does he talk with an invented accent? What a turd!

He got the win, I'll give him that and I respect him as a fighter but as a person he is a steaming pile of garbage.
Cringerbread Man
Muslims are just as bad as black people. 10 on 1. Fucking cowards.
for a moment I thought that was Bas Rutten with Diaz
man in the box !!
Diaz is a fucking scrub classic punk...come on homeboy,wait hold me back!!!! Yeah your lucky my homies is holding me back...
Jeff Everett
Respect conor? Fuck that piece of shit, who does conor respect? No one! Piece of shit low class cunt just like rousy and everyone hates them both! Your just dumb!.
Shawn Lund
“He wants to hug my leg and put his face in my crotch”. That has got to be the greatest quote regarding a wrestler opponent ever.
Thai Land
"Nothin' personal. I just don't like the dude." Guy's a straight up killer.
D'andre Chesterfield
"It wasn't personal, I just don't like the dude" I'm pretty sure that's the definition of personal. Too many headshots and not enough books.
Autotech Rescue
White who care about other fight all I care about Nate Diaz and kh
ComeOut OfTheWorld
Masvidal vs Khabib, Let's do this..
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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier FOOTAGE of Khabib & Nate Diaz 2 days ago   12:45



This is a fan production for MMA fans by a hardcore MMA fan. It tells the story of Khabib Nurmagomedov accomplishments in MMA through multiple perspectives and hopefully provides you the most entertaining, yet authentic, experience possible

Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov, 30 of age, is a russian from Dagestan UFC Lightweight champion, undefeated, undisputed and holding an impressive record of 27-0. The young man has a very distinctive fighting style combining high level freestyle wrestling and striking elements powered by his sharp athletisme and conditioning. He will defend his title against Dustin Poirier, very active and very talented fighter. Dustin beats 3 champions in a row...impressive !

Do you know CALLMART ?

Guys find me on Callmart App as "TitanTak" if you want to talk with me on live

All credits are given inside the video
Anatomy Of A Fighter ➔

Farid Muslimov - Footages from Dagestan ➔

Norah Fatehi - Belly Dancer ➔

Joe Rogan podcast ➔

Luke Thomas Podcasts➔

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship


Blood sport - OST
Adrian Von Ziegler - Arabian Fantasy


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