THIS is why the car community has a bad name. My meet turned into a MASS 2 days ago   39:28

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Tommy Myers
Dam! Your mom is beautiful!
Mr.obryant29's Vlogs
My town has a massive parking lot that we could do a pop up meet at, and they will not shut it down!! Message me on Instagram if you're interested. My Instagram is the same name as my YouTube channel.
Scope Analogy
Daniel went home thinking everybody likes him that night
Scope Analogy
When all of the attention isn’t on you
Scope Analogy
East coast meets are for pussies
Scope Analogy
Fuck it just have fun stop acting like little girls: west coast does it better
Scope Analogy
When your mad cause your didn’t get to do your burnouts first
Dalton Heath
i want to come to can you do it at orlando
Coppydoublelopp Kliem
I remember back in the late 80's and early 90's down in Houston off of Rankin road people who did stupid crap like that would be told one time to knock it off. If they didn't it was a ass beating . People came from all over with lots off money to race and the last thing they wanted was to get shutdown over a
Dumbass doing burnouts in a circle.
You chose a good spot, as the cops said, what you missed is people do silly things. Organisation and planning cant be very ideal in 24 hr's notice for your fandom or the police. That was not a meet, it was on the level of an annual fair attendance for what normally 50 odd people 10 cars, never what looked like nearly one thousand people, far too many liabilities for your meet to handle without support on short notice. Dont let crowds you could not supervise dictate what was your event. Just take my comment as a supportive one and hope that never happens to you again. peace.
Wanted Puppy
1:50 The next cast of Magic Mike
HD42 Gaming
“When i rolled my truck and the cop asked for my youtube i said adam lz!” Im ded😂
Alien Allen
Anybody know the song at 29:50
Weston Dean Buttz
Maybe you should by your own lot so you can have meets and no one dan shut you down like buy a old gas station
Christian Holder
Zach Godwin
If yall ever come to Georgia I own 10 acres of land yall could set up there guaranteed no cops
Matt Posey
Rockwall s finest 😂😂😂😂
Pierston Salinas
What brand is that tattoo stuff
Jesus Mireles
F the guy that turned the Miata on
Dude I fucking hate tenisee like people there are travellers that dont know how to drive
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My meet turned into a MASS THIS is why the car community has a bad name. 2 days ago   16:04

After our pop-up meet turned into chaos, we surprised a subscriber who had been involved in a terrible hit and run motorcycle accident!

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