Russia Vs. Ukraine - How Did this all Begin? Why is Russia so Large? 4 months ago   02:53

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine - how did it all begin? Get a historical perspective to the complexity of the situation in a Nutshell

Ukraine - a long road to independence
Ukraine, is the largest country entirely within Europe, strategically positioned at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.
Historically, It has been famous for its fertile soil and high agricultural output,
but over the last century it became also an important industrial center - and a network of pipelines - channel huge quantities of natural gas from Russia to Europe.
Ukraine's history, dates back to the 9th century, when Viking settlers and local Slavs, established the powerful kingdom of Kievan-Rus.
Both Russia, and Ukraine, consider this kingdom, to be their cultural inheritance
Internal conflicts followed by a Mongol invasion in the 13th century ended this episode, and while Russia maintained different forms of independence, THIS region was passed between neighboring powers and was usually divided between a few.
In 1654, a short-lived Ukrainian Cossack state broke-off from Poland, in a violent revolt which included the brutal massacre of entire Jewish communities.
This new state pledged its allegiance to Russia... but became totally absorbed into it over the next 100 years
Russia, for its part, continued to do its best to repress Ukrainian nationalism.
In 1917, following the the Russian revolution and the overthrow of the Czar, it achieved a short-lived independence, however by 1922 it became part of the newly established USSR.
During WWII Ukraine was conquered by Nazi Germany. Many Ukrainians cooperated with the Nazis in hope of achieving independence and many resisted, but eventually they returned to be part of the USSR.
In 1991 an overwhelming 90% of Ukrainian citizens voted to break off from the USSR... which dissolved shortly after.
Years of political and economic instability ensued:
While the majority of citizens, turned towards Europe - Russia and a dominant Russian-ethnic minority in Ukraine pushed to maintain Russian dominance.
In 2014 Russian military forces moved into the Crimean Peninsula and annexed it with the support the local ethnic-Russian population.
This move was declared illegal by Ukraine and most of the West.
Despite repeated attempts:
Ukraine and Russia's deeply intertwined history and economy make a long-lasting solution to this conflict, just that much more difficult.


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Devo K
The U.S started this conflict by offering to place weapons systems in the Ukraine to shoot down ballistic missiles. People forget the main reason of this war. As usual the U.S involved itself in the affairs of a foreign and sovereign nation. Good on you Russia its ok for the U.S to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan for over 10 years and rape the oil fields. Fuck the U.S
Louis XVI of France
2:25 But most people there are Russian.
you know what's weird i have many russian and ukrainian friends im surprised they hadn't shot each other
basically east slavs who like having a fight there brothers so they fight like brothers
Сергей Бегутов
Fuck off ukranian people!!!
Geo Diver
This video is a BS. If Russia goes after Ukraine the latter will stop its existence. And probably should with all the NAZI slogans and burning people alive and bombing their own villages. Good Crimea managed to get away from fascist regime.
mohid umer
Nice content keep it up
Salam Miya Jordan in
Russia is father of wester.
Cool Russian
Crimea is Russian
Gareth Davies Movies
Ukraine should be Russian territory
Oktus Kuc
kievan rus is ukraine no russia win ukraine russia dead
Putin is a corrupt power hungry maniac. Full stop.
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this is how you actually use the word nutshell
Maksym Kashchuk
Some of Ukrainians supported the Third Reich as SS Galicia but most of them fought or in USSR army against nazis or in UPA against USSR and the Third Reich
lomz lomz
Well you can make sure how brainwashed and stupid are russians by reading comments
I don't exist
You also forgot to include The Great Soviet Famine during 1932-1933 where 10 million Ukrainians starved to death.
GPA Project
This is an idiots click bait drive in movie sham.............what a confusing weeny roast for fags who know nothing of real geopolitics
Amit Parmar
There is no mention of the bloody US backed coup which toppled the democratically elected government in Ukraine. There is also no mention of the broken NATO promise not to expand NATO towards Russia after the fall of the USSR. Why would Russia just sit back and allow itself to be surrounded by NATO, especially after being lied to? The Western Alliance needs to get off its high horse and put itself in Russia's shoes for just a minute to understand why Russia is pushing back against NATO expansion.
georgian plis
Fuuuu about nazi, delete this dumb video
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Why is Russia so Large? Russia Vs. Ukraine - How Did this all Begin? 4 months ago   07:53

Ever wondered why Russia became so large?

Thats a long story... and by long I mean a little less than eight minutes.

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