Compaq and Hyperion - The First IBM Clones Commodore Calculator Repair 2 days ago   15:27

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Gary Lawrence
Best YouTube channel ever!!!! 😂
Alan Stevens
How come some of the keys on the keyboard don't fill out their entire area? It looks weird seeing a square randomly placed on a larger rectangle rather than being a full key
j4d3 goat
Great times! I had a lot of fun using an Osborne and then some time later got a Compaq 486 which was *great* at the time! Fun times........ :)
The compaq keyboard looks like a british layout to me.
Tim Mooney
I rescued a Portable II about 10 years ago. It was the dual 360k floppy model, but BIOS was newer version that allowed 1.44mb floppy usage. BIOS battery needed replacing and the "on card" HDD would not spin up. I was able to use a dynamic disk overlay program to get a Seagate 408mb HDD running and installed DR DOS 7. I'm able to transfer files serially via Laplink cable. It's either 640k or 1mb so running Windows 3.1 is a no go.
I NEED a commodore XT... I can set it up beside my 5150...
jacko channel
is this the new steel type eeveelution?
Pabs Channel M
Please start restoring the Compaq Portables 2&3 also I’m a big fan
Back in 88 I remember a friend of mine "teleworking" from home with a Compaq luggable, developing software to track the movements of loran-c transmitting buoys in the North Atlantic...
Robert King
And it's not even remotely reality. The Compaq luggable was nowhere near IBM compatible. In fact it required a custom version of MS DOS. By the way, still have a Compaq luggable under my desk at work. Monochrome, only boots Compaq DOS. Actually, you could not put in an Ad-lib or Soundblaster card. The Compaq ports didn't address the slots in the same way as the IBM PC. The Video out did not support RGA I. The IBM PC also ran at 4.77mhz. Compaq had much bigger problems. They were broke. Hence, HP buying out Compaq in the late 80's.
CP/M might be why MS-DOS exists, for those who don't know, like the made-up 25%.
Jerri Kohl
The intonation of your voice when you said " can coil up the power cord, and shove it up...," for a split second had me shocked that you were going to say something else.
Lasky Labs
You might wanna recap that CRT sooner rather than later. It's gotta be close to blowing at this point.
Hagop D
c:\>deltree * . *
Awoo Wan Wolfe III
I saw one of those Comaqs in a salvation army a while back but I didn't get it because I didn't know what it was and it weighed 300 pounds.
The Compaq’s screen reminds me of the pip-boy
Thank you very much for making this video, this is one of my favorite series, the information you give and everything is pure gold
amazing content
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Commodore Calculator Repair Compaq and Hyperion - The First IBM Clones 2 days ago   12:31

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In this episode I take a look at this old Commodore Calculator from 1972. It has a total power failure and some of the keys don't work.

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