Turtle vs Crawfish! *Epic Battle MINI POOL Pond for BABY 1 day ago   12:24

Joey Slay Em
Turtle vs Crawfish *Epic Battle Royale*

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Hunting Legends
Fight Fight fight first!
Elisha Martínez
look under bathroom cabnet. for the craw fish.
Vinicius Paiva
Godzilla vs Ebirah!
Ava Doll
Neon Raptor
The jukes
doc anuj
You are the biggest asshole encountered till now ...idiot
Luciano Suares
I sub bro
wrong Way
Joey, what is your skincare routine. You're always so dewy and glowing.
izayah Tomsic
Show full footage next time
Christian Life’s of pets
Ummm he’s an common snapper
Kenneth Johnson
Damn I wanted to see the fight finished
Jacquez Harris
You abuse her
Mai TheCaveDragon
Dat snappin turtle ganna grow to be a dig boiiii
Victory battle royale
Georgia Fisherman
I used to have a alligator snapping turtle and he loved minnows and crawfish
Punch44 777
Brb you shouldn’t do that kind of bull****
Alex Garrison
you know you should really show what you say you're going to show first not last
Trey Banga
Live feeding!!!!!! Ninja
erik saxerud
It looked like crayola had eggs under her tail just so you know
Gilbert Mora
joey slay yo girls bottey
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MINI POOL Pond for BABY Turtle vs Crawfish! *Epic Battle 1 day ago   11:29

Mini Pool Pond Turtle Baby Rescue!

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