Super Bowl Baits & Destroys Sweet Victory - SpongeBob SquarePants 2 days ago   05:41

The Roundtable
Thousands upon millions of viewers tuned into Super Bowl LIII in hopes of seeing the song "Sweet Victory" from SpongeBob SquarePants performed during the Half-Time show. Everyone was utterly devastated.

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The Roundtable
the victory wasn't sweet
*hear lies squidwards hopes and dreams*

Ok actually i'm pissed about this
Alex The Awsome
Why the americans hates Trump
I think his right, USA is filled with *FAKE NEWS*
phoelix reed
I listened to Sicko Mode because I had never heard of it, why did they pick such a bad song? It's irritating like all other rap songs!
Cindy Garcia
*why would they make a petition if they were gonna pick sicko mode*
The Network
They did play Sweet Victory at the NHL (National Hockey League) at the Dallas star half time show.
αιρηα Ξ
He didn’t even deserve the introduction
Nicklas Zande STVS TDP est. 2001
2:48 No there wasn't! The NFL had no excuse! Both the singer and Nickelodeon wanted it to be played! But the NFL, Maroon 5, and Travis Scott were living in La La Land!
Crishawn Gamez
DJ_rock 1337
There is a demand for justice sicko mode sucks
Joseph Landry
Look, all I'm saying is an NHL team did do Sweet Victory during an intermission. It's like I've been saying since I was a kid, hockey is superior in every way to football.
Rayquaza Δ
Weeks later, still tastes like *Bitter Defeat* .
3:44 "For example, none of the drummers in the drumline were people of color."

Is your video editor just trolling you? Several shots included people of color (maybe all; I couldn't tell in the first shot with the lady playing cymbals).

Also, how do we know there weren't a lot more white people who auditioned? There's nothing inherent to any ethnicity to prefer one kind of music over another, but in practice we know that musical preference (like other elements of culture) can differ a lot by race.

And why is it only a problem that the drumline wasn't more racially mixed? The choir appears to be mostly if not all black. Should we take issue with that too and assume they were discriminating against people of other races (including other minorities)?

Or...could it be that as a matter of practicality, in a city and region like Atlanta, Georgia that is majority black and most of the rest of the city is white, they had an easier time finding more white drummers than non-white, and they had an easier time finding more gospel choir singers who were black than members of other races?
Just Chillin
At least the NHL played it
Captain Connor
Me at Super Bowl half time when sweet victory starts to play plays: “Oohhhhhh”

When sicko mode plays: *walks out while the stadiums blows up*
the nhl actually played sweet victory through the whole thing
Filthy Casual
You seriously complained that there wasn't enough color on stage? Are you fucking for real?
I am a Dinosaur
They will see the wrath of squidward 's band!

Every halftime viewer *Horns playing opening sweet victory* Travis Scott: “It’s lit”. The fans: “NOOOOOOOOOO”
*Ah, barnacles*
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Sweet Victory - SpongeBob SquarePants Super Bowl Baits & Destroys 2 days ago   01:53

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