Anti-semitic attacks in France have Anti-Semitism & Jewish Discrimination | What 1 day ago   02:52

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France's interior minister has said that anti-semitic acts rose by 74% in 2018 and that anti-semitism was spreading like poison.

For more background on this rise in anti-semitism in France, we talk with our World Affairs Reporter, Damon Embling

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Oy Vey, the evil French Goyim are trying to Shoah us!
anti Palestine up 200%
Arnold Davis
USA hates you to
The jew will cry in pain when he slaps your face ...
my jew grandfather was gassed 3 times , no , it was 6 times ...oy vavoy gevelt
There is no place on this planet for fake parasite baby killing coward juden
isreal is not our friend
jews are exclusively semites , to claim you are a "semite" sends a message you are above everybody else , lets hope jew hatred expands a lot more in the near future ...semite is not exclusively jewish...
Rex Croatorum
Funny. What happened in France in the last 6 years ? Oh yea, massive migration of people into France.
TheMarker2015 L.S
White people love JEWS more than their own people and children. But white people love the SHARIA way more, India has over taken the UKs economy and white people love sending billions in aid coin HAHAHAHA it's so funny what the Rothschild EU does and the white people come running ready to die for them xD
D. Pedro do Brasil
The more MUSLIMS you have the more ANTISEMITISM increases.
The Islamic Republic of Frank-Africa is no longer safe for Jews.
It seems the ideology and politics pushed by the Globalist Jewish Elites harm the Jewish peasantry.
A Hammer
We surely will be seeing more antijewish violence in the future because the anti-israel stance of the E.U., the U.N. are historical positions of Rome both pagan and Catholic for the last 2000 years. The Pope going to the UAE, where Jews are not allowed to go, the Bible is banned yet the Pope is signing agreements of mutual understanding with Islamic leaders, who's holy book calls Jews and Bible believing christians the worst of creatures.
Banker-backed France will fall
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Sharpen the guillotines
24 Arbfan
I wonder which group of people are behind these attacks
Sheeple are Lame
Antisemitism is a new form of fascism
Lani Theromp
There is only ONE good jew and it is a DEAD jew!!!!!!!!! Stupid impostors with a big chip on their shoulders .... stupid stupid!!!!! Go back to the black sea and stop lying to the world!!!!!
Āris Plūģis
accept Islamic migrants more. antisemitism will be silenced then.
samuel mcdonough
“Why is this happening?” Nazi.. yellow vest.. word salad.
You people are disgusting
Bwana Zoulou
Attacks? Define attack. Saying "fecking jew" is an attack, in France. This is pure propaganda.
geoffrey collins
france is importing people from the thirld world that hate jewish people..
Raymundo Gapan
The rise of Islam in Europe is the rise of antisemitic attacks
not notness
Are these french people attacking jews called mohammed, by any chance?
Bigots are cowards.
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Anti-Semitism & Jewish Discrimination | What Anti-semitic attacks in France have 1 day ago   08:36

A Jewish couple met with anti-Semitic comments from a convenience store casher when they if they can post a flyer to support their local religious organization.
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