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Brake pad replacement? Ever wonder how to make brake pads? Usually I show you a DIY like how to replace brake pads, but in this video I show you how brake pads are made!
Brake pads from this factory:
To make brake pads, we start out with raw pickled and oiled steel. The steel gets stamped into a brake pad backing plate which gets analyzed to make sure it meets OEM specifications. Next the brake pad backing plate goes to the NRS press to get a mechanical attachment. Then the backing plates get galvanized and finally brake pad friction material is added. The manufacturer can add and friction material they want such as semi-metallic, organic, or ceramic friction material. Lastly the shim is made and installed on the brake pad and they can be sent to testing! When it is all said and done, I took the brake pads we made and installed them on my truck with new brake rotors!

The company that let me film in their factory is giving all of my fans 20% off their brakes using the code "20off" at checkout. I do not make any money from this! They are doing this to get you guys to try out their new technology brake pads and I will always share a discount to help my subscribers. Here is the link:

How to replace your own brake pads and rotors:

How to Replace Drum Brakes:

Drum to Disc Conversion: Still working on this video

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The company that let me film in their factory is giving all of my fans 20% off their brakes using the code "20off" at checkout. I do not make any money from this! They are doing this to get you guys to try out their new technology brake pads and I will always share a discount to help my subscribers. Here is the link:

This video was one of my most favorite that I have ever made! It took about a months worth of work and I hope you enjoy! It took a lot of time and work to make and NRS brakes literally closed down part of their manufacturing line so I could film this. It’s absolutely incredible how much help they were! I hope you guys like it and I hope other brands reach out so we can do more of these how-it’s-made episodes!

Also I will be in Ireland for a meet-up on Saturday July 13 so check out my Instagram or YouTube stories for more info if you are from Ireland!
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Hey Chris hope you’re doing well, I have one question for u or anyone who knows a bit about automatic transmission...

I recently bought a 2006 Mazda 6, I has a 2.3 engine with 5 speed automatic, I just change the transmission fluid completely but when I’m at high rpm let’s say about 4k or so and it changes from 3rd to 4th it hits hard but this not happens when driving in low rpms, I con avoid this by putting it in manual mode and make the shift to 4th while letting off the gas like if it was a manual, u think I can use it like this safely for about a year and a half without problems or will it fail or something? Thanks for all your answers
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Eosef Espartero
Congratiulations on 5 million!
Shannon Dimitri
This video was posted on my birthday
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It's like How it's Made, just without the music and extra narration and facts.
Carolina Cowboys
Great video, interesting about the new piston cushions
Jeremy Clark
@ChrisFix you're like the Bob Ross of Mechanics. I could watch you all day long. Please keep up the good work and thank you!
FPatrick McAllister
Excellent video sir
Seth Williams
Hey for one of your videos could you show us how to convert an automatic transmission to manual?
When are you going to put a roll cage in your 1996 mustang GT
I think it would be awesome if you did a engine swap for the driftstang...
Drink every time he says brake pads.
Erik Swedman
I don't know if it is your thing but can you please make a vid how to instal a subwoofer
Gord Baker
15 "One last thing"
Adnan Rahman
Can you do a video improving ur mustang plz
Auto techAll
Continue your video, I'm brakes India company staff, nice job your video, Radiator or injectors how to made video soon please
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the dream car reveal video will be awsome I'm looking forward to see what it is
Face reveal next pls
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Were is your dream car
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