Master Of Sleep & Flavored Juul The Battle Raging In Nigeria Over 1 day ago   23:09

This is the January 22, 2019, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:17 VICE News met with Rep. Wexton as she made an MLK day appearance to her constituents, in one of the swingiest districts in the country. How did the shutdown play?

6:39 Over the past few months allegations of anti-Semitism, Muslim Brotherhood fraternization, and infighting have plagued the organizers of Women's March Inc, the DC-based "Original" Women's March Group. Vice News embeds with local NYC Women's March organizer and founder Katherine Siemionko as she prepares for and attends the city's third annual local march while trying to separate herself from the optics of DC's infighting and toxic influence.

15:46 VICE News investigates what the impact on the impending FDA regulations have had on flavored Juul sales.

18:30 Drew Ackerman, aka "Scoots," has been putting people to sleep via podcast, episode by episode, for over 700 episodes. He says he puts in over 300 hours a month on his meandering, monotone podcast. And he estimates 60% of his audience falls asleep to his voice. Dexter visits a live taping of the ‘Sleep With Me’ podcast, to try to get some sleep.

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Love Scooter and his podcast!
obsolete optics
The ship was sinking---and sinking fast. The captain told the passengers and crew, "We've got to get the lifeboats in the water right away." 

But the crew said, "First we have to end capitalist oppression of the working class. Then we'll take care of the lifeboats." 

Then the women said, "First we want equal pay for equal work. The lifeboats can wait." 

The racial minorities said, "First we need to end racial discrimination. Then seating in the lifeboats will be allotted fairly." 

The captain said, "These are all important issues, but they won't matter a damn if we don't survive. We've got to lower the lifeboats right away!" 

But the religionists said, "First we need to bring prayer back into the classroom. This is more important than lifeboats." 

Then the pro-life contingent said, "First we must outlaw abortion. Fetuses have just as much right to be in those lifeboats as anyone else." 

The right-to-choose contingent said, "First acknowledge our right to abortion, then we'll help with the lifeboats." 

The socialists said, "First we must redistribute the wealth. Once that's done everyone will work equally hard at lowering the lifeboats." 

The animal-rights activists said, "First we must end the use of animals in medical experiments. We can't let this be subordinated to lowering the lifeboats." 

Finally the ship sank, and because none of the lifeboats had been lowered, everyone drowned. 

The last thought of more than one of them was, "I never dreamed that solving humanity's problems would take so long---or that the ship would sink so SUDDENLY.

Daniel Quinn
Modular Mountain
Dexter Thomas rocking the high top afro. NOICE.
Delete Not Yet
I miss walking
Delete Not Yet
Another attempt to keep sick people dying and suffering
Trump 2020
My friend got addicted to nicotine after taking 4 juul pods in 12 hours, now he has phneumomia and is hooked, he’s only thirteen.
Uday Sharma
Dude she killed it. Couldn't watch 5 minutes
Kelley Condon
The super bowl will gladly whole heartedly endorse alcohol as long as there is a sligh emphasise it being enjoyed responsibly (quietly at the end of the commercial I might add) but Marijuana.... Oh no our standards won't allow us to show a positive commercial regarding Marijuana... what total and complete hosrse shit I mean talk about hypocrisy.
Carolus Rex
There are no "progressives" only "regressives". Democrats have become marxists. The Democrat party has always been the racist party, enslaving african-americans; one way or another.

Vice actively seeks to promote marxism and decadence.
The Big F U
Vice news is financially failing because they are some of those lunatic fringe types...
The whole world has turned on liberalism yet these clueless Vice people are still echoing the past...
Evolve Vice
Zeb Alford
I’m targeted bye African Americans all the time almost every day a black dude ask me for money don’t even ask more say gimme a dollar that’s racist
Robert Tinsley
Every time I hear the HBO opening I think of OZ.
Rick T
no work no pride
James Edwards
Anyone else think Elle Reeves is Hot hit like button.
James Edwards
That one lady needs to get that sweet baby out of the cold.
If teen vaping represents an 'existential crisis', what about teen obesity? When are we going to start proposing some regulations on sugar water and Oreos? America runs on Dunkin', but it has to stop every 15 feet to clutch its chest, wheeze, and look for its insulin syringe.
Real American
The group that endorsed Farrakhan should just fold. What's the discussion? One group endorsed somebody that is a racist. Over and done with nice knowing you see you later buy buy racists.
Luis Lopez
They won't pitch the ad for legalization of marijuana but they will for bud light and cigarettes.
Masha Mitchell
10:23 Uh, her response was so contrived. That's not a all what anyone is saying. She's exactly why people hate feminist like herself.
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The Battle Raging In Nigeria Over Master Of Sleep & Flavored Juul 1 day ago   14:38

Nigeria may sit atop one of the largest oil reserves in the world, but the majority of the Nigerian people have seen little benefit from the multibillion-dollar industry. The government and global energy companies have been exploiting the resource for years, bringing poverty, pollution, and violence to the Niger Delta. And now the local militias fighting for oil control have made conditions even worse.

Caught in the conflict are Nigerian citizens involved in the illegal oil market simply for survival. Oil theft is rampant, and the booming black market has transnational oil and gas consultants concerned about the effects on global oil markets. The government isn't too happy about it either.

“All the oil that is sold around here, the government calls illegally refined products,” local oil businessman Don Wizaro told VICE News. And when the Nigerian military raids illegal oil operations, they slash containers, releasing oil into waterways, contaminating what the main source of fishing, agriculture, and drinking water.

As the government continues its assault on illegal refineries and barges carrying stolen oil, local militias are retaliating. And one of the most notorious militias is the Niger Delta Avengers. They attack pipelines and infrastructure, significantly affecting both the environment and the economy.

VICE correspondent Gianna Toboni heads to the heart of Nigeria's oil production to witness firsthand the fight over the control of oil in the Niger Delta.

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