4 Megaprojects That Could Reverse The Difference Between Gasoline And Hydrogen 1 day ago   19:22

Joe Scott
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Climate change is happening, and time is running out to turn it around. The IPCC's most recent report gives us about 10 years to reverse our carbon emissions. We're not going to get there by reducing our emissions alone. Here are 4 megaprojects that could actually save the planet.

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Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage
Biomass is the burning of biological material (usually plant matter) to generate energy. BECCS scrubs the CO2 out of the exhaust and sequesters it underground, thus taking CO2 out of the air via that plants and putting it into the ground.

Direct Air Capture
With DAC, giant carbon scrubbers pull CO2 out of the air, after which the CO2 can be used to produce other items like fuel. Two companies that are leading in this field are Carbon Engineering and Climeworks.

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
SAI is, basically, creating an artificial volcano. The Mount Pinatubo eruption of 1991 cooled the planet by half a degree for 18 months. By flying a fleet of SAI Lofters (SAILs) regularly into the upper atmosphere, we could spread particulates around the planet and cool the atmosphere.

Space Solar Shield
By creating a giant solar shield at the L1 Lagrange point, we could block up to 2% of the sun's rays, enough to alter the amount of heat getting trapped by the atmosphere.


Tim Kruger Ted-Ed
Uses natural gas to create energy while pulling CO2 from the atmosphere

Jennifer Wilcox - TED



Carbon Engineering vid








Hot Mess



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Mars atmosphere is already mostly c02 and there is signs that there used to be water so what if there was life that messed up
Micky Garcia
Hi Joe. While I love your optimism and all the research work you do, I would expect that we'll never turn the ship in time. I think if you have an idea for living on Earth in the future that we'll end up having to eventually walk around in stil-suits like Fremen on the planet Arrakis, so I'd aim more for that kind of existence.
gas pumper
All the information about (climate change) aka global warming is from the government and somehow it involves money and control. I wonder has a government ever lied to everyone about something for money and control?? Wow I’m so crazy...... our government would never ever do anything like that to us because we have the most bestest government there ever was!! I mean really who would be crazy enough to think that our government would take advantage of idiots.. I mean people like that because of course governments never lie to their constituents ever!! Right??
Tom Schwientek
let me think:

a machine that sucks Carbon out of the air?
and pruduce something usefull from it?
something you can trade?

you dont Need high tech!
ever heard of TREES?!

you can store it as well
and built stuff with it.

plants changed the Climate many times before. thats the stuff what the fossil fuels are made of..

let the trees do the Job!

let the forest grow back now!
somethin somethin
Who would determine the appropriate tempature of the Earth? People who live on the equator? People who live in the world's largest biome? "Tundra" who is responsible for the second and third order effects?
somethin somethin
Renewable energy is only on par with other forms because of a compounding form government subsidises.
Alan Boyd
Thanks Joe, intresting also Drawdown has good ideas. Have you looked at what Gabe Brown and Allan Savory are doing. Seems to me they are addressing multiple issues at one time. Very promising and seems to be able to work for many. Thanks again
Aleck Alexopoulos
Excellent overall presentation Joe! I would like to have seen a mention of next-gen nuclear reactors and possibly thorium. (Fusion will take too long).
Also solar energy from space microwave beamed down to Earth could also be a solution.
My only objection is DAC - they add carbon to the atmosphere. Granted they can improve their tech but they still have to figure out what to do

with 10^8 ft^3 CO2/yr. Air to fuels is just insane. CO2 in construction elements is a GOOD idea but needs to be validated in the real world.
Aleck Alexopoulos
Ait to Fuel is even worse...
Aleck Alexopoulos
Direct air capture? Attractive but there are two huge problems
1. What do we do with the carbon we collect - to make a difference say hundreds of millions of cubic feet

2. They emit more carbon than they capture. At least the current systems do and that is even without considering the CO2 storage.
Conservatives have a plan!!!

"Just ignore it, and it'll go away."
Stefen Gullicksen
that soundtrack
B Reelz DaTruthseeker
Hey joe what do u think chemtrails are?? There not poisoning the population its chemicals that cool the planet down
Moe Jaime
We are all going to die Joe , so I poop on you ! Have a nice day Joe!
Steven Baal
No, Joe, coal isn't being made today by burying wood.
Coal was formed during the carboniferous era when the world wide forests caught fire due to the high oxygen content of the atmosphere at that time. The dead forests were buried. This process won't happen again. Unlike oil, which is ongoing, though slow to form and accumulate.
Steven Baal
Why isn't coal carbon neutral, as it cines from the ground instead of chopping down forests which takes out sequestering trees and even if they replace the trees, the saplings will take decades before they sequester carbon like the original trees. Coal doesn't.
It's a dumb argument, like banning sale of bicatch in the fishing industry. You have to throw it away dead. Wasteful.
Malcolm in the Middle
Do SAI and prepare for WW3
Adam Taylor
Not many folks doubt global warming. Most folks simply doubt that firstly, humans are to blame, and secondly, that we can even do anything about it.
Basque Wasp
The only mainstream science-based channel that addresses the global warming issue as the very near in time threat that is.
Thank you for sharing your videos.
Keith Strang
We should also spend five seconds to consider the effects of global warming before we destroy ourselves trying to stop global warming. A warmer earth means an increase in overall life on the planet. The earth has been significantly warmer than it is now (in recent history) and it has always correlated with more plant and animal life.
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The Difference Between Gasoline And Hydrogen 4 Megaprojects That Could Reverse 1 day ago   14:19

How hydrogen combustion engines work, versus gasoline engines. Hydrogen combustion engines can be more efficient and with better emissions versus gas engines, due to the fuel differences of H2.

This video will look at eight major differences between gasoline and hydrogen fuels used in internal combustion engines. This includes the combustion reaction and byproducts, air fuel ratio, ignition energy, flame velocity, auto-ignition temperature, diffusivity, quenching distance, and density. These properties result in drastic differences between using the two fuels, though both can easily be adopted and used in traditional otto-cycle piston cylinder engines, often with little modification to the existing engine hardware. Are hydrogen engines the future of internal combustion? Let's find out!

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