4 Megaprojects That Could Reverse The Dark Side Of The Singularity | Answers 2 days ago   19:22

Joe Scott
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Climate change is happening, and time is running out to turn it around. The IPCC's most recent report gives us about 10 years to reverse our carbon emissions. We're not going to get there by reducing our emissions alone. Here are 4 megaprojects that could actually save the planet.

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Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage
Biomass is the burning of biological material (usually plant matter) to generate energy. BECCS scrubs the CO2 out of the exhaust and sequesters it underground, thus taking CO2 out of the air via that plants and putting it into the ground.

Direct Air Capture
With DAC, giant carbon scrubbers pull CO2 out of the air, after which the CO2 can be used to produce other items like fuel. Two companies that are leading in this field are Carbon Engineering and Climeworks.

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
SAI is, basically, creating an artificial volcano. The Mount Pinatubo eruption of 1991 cooled the planet by half a degree for 18 months. By flying a fleet of SAI Lofters (SAILs) regularly into the upper atmosphere, we could spread particulates around the planet and cool the atmosphere.

Space Solar Shield
By creating a giant solar shield at the L1 Lagrange point, we could block up to 2% of the sun's rays, enough to alter the amount of heat getting trapped by the atmosphere.


Tim Kruger Ted-Ed
Uses natural gas to create energy while pulling CO2 from the atmosphere

Jennifer Wilcox - TED



Carbon Engineering vid








Hot Mess



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Thomas Remme
The music. Omg. Please make it stop!!!
6 of 10
we'd only fuck up mars to
Tiz Nuss
How is it after all these years, the only answer you EVER hear about from governments for this coming catastrophe... is new taxes?
Dick Jokes And Bondo
We can capture the CO2 and sell it to the paintball community.
Andrew Chan
If you really want to reduce CO2 emissions (which is not the only greenhouse gas BTW - I don't believe in CO2 mediated climate change), vegan is the way to go. The animal farming industry produces more C02 than cars, ships and planes combined. I a vegan because of health reasons, and I drive a Prius because I like how it handles and saves me money, not because of climate.
Michael Murphy
Man made Global Warming is a lie. 12 years to go? UNIGPCC, is not a legitimate source of information. You might have well just asked me to watch An Inconvenient Truth.
Jan's Choice
What a lot of crap!!!! You talk like CO2 is a toxic gas!! Greenhouse gas is not only CO2. Nature needs CO2. Talk about Thorium plants.
mark haas
Climate Change is mainly a natural phenomenon that has always been present, even long before the industrial age . You can't sop it. And you wouldn't necessarily want to. For decades now, the dooms-dayers in my country Canada have been predicting the Global warming apocalypse. Many in the agricultural industry were actually less horrified and more delighted to hear that they may need to "prepare" for a longer growing season before their retirement years. Alas, the longer season ( and higher profits) never materialized. Thanks for noth'in Al Gore.
Carbon is also used in steel production.
You could make diamonds from it. Or let carbon quotes pay for it. Like a currency miner
Why Soitanly
Unintended consequences: Who would be the first nation to weaponize the mirrors in space? There will inevitably be a Space Race to re-purpose the mirrors and vaporize the "enemy". The Lagrangian points then become fortresses, pushing human folly to the Last Frontier. Let's see... China, U.S., Russia, North Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran...
Peter Hacke
Scopex? So the ones behind chemtrails aren't even trying to hide it anymore? And no i don't believe this or any such conspiracy theories, but the ones that do are gonna love this.
Fater Coelho
method 2 (filtering out CO2 with fans) to pump it back on earth is terrible, at least while there are companies doing the exact opposite. It should only be considered once we are no longer extracting fossil fuels.
I recommend anyone interested this video:

I believe governments could do quite a lot to reduce CO2, and some are actually quite simple, say placing a extra tax on meat products, effectively shaping the behavior of consumers to take less meat.
Another interesting idea (that could only work if taken by every nation) would be treating CO2 pollution as a commodity, in order to pollute 1kg of CO2 you would need to buy a license to do so from a company that would "clean" 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. Supply and demand would then dictate if that option 2 would be a lucrative business.

Note: I'm no expert in either politics or climate change, take my words with a grain of salt
A.S. Neuman
It’s truly disturbing that if we do nothing we are only decades away from complete extinction, and yet people are worried about the cost of saving us
max dystopia
Isnt diamonds made from carbon? Why not turn the carbon in the sky into diamonds?.....sky diamonds....sell em to the pansies that believe in global warming....at a premium...lol
Okay, I hardly know anything about this, but not adding carbon filters on a carbon plant seems like stupidest thing and greatest missed opportunity to me
When is anyone going to face the fact that this planet cannot support an infinite number of people?
Krsnam Bhatia
ppl dont want to look at you while u talk. show some pics and talk in the background.
Agnish Roy
I guess, biggest issue would be atmosphere. How would you create atmosphere on Mars?
Agnish Roy
Crash comets? 😂😂
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The Dark Side Of The Singularity | Answers 4 Megaprojects That Could Reverse 2 days ago   13:38

Or... How To Not Be A Horse.
Automation and AI promise to usher in an era of amazing productivity and innovation. But they also threaten our very way of life.

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Tony Seba's talk about why transportation and energy will be obsolete by 2030:


Okuma Automation:

CNet News on the automated Amazon fulfillment centers:

Fully Charged - Self-Driving Nissan Leaf:

Partial Transcript:

For hundreds, even thousands of years, the horse was humanity’s go-to form of transportation. And in 13 years, that all changed.

Right now, we are on the cusp of a technological disruption that will make the switch from horses to cars look like switching from Coke to Pepsi.

So we talk a lot on this channel about exponential growth, artificial intelligence, the singularity, and that’s a lot of fun, but there is a dark side to all this change, one that really needs to be talked about because the way we respond to it is going to significantly alter our future as a species.

The BBC released a report just a few weeks ago that said that 30% of jobs are going to go away in the next 10 years because of automation.

In the U.S., we’ve heard a lot over the last election about the proverbial coal miners and our current president specifically campaigning to bring back coal jobs.

But coal is just one of hundreds of industries that are taking advantage of employees that can work 24/7, never need a bathroom break, never sleep, never make a mistake and work twice as fast. Oh, and you don’t have to pay them.

Factories already decimated by outsourcing are now losing even more jobs to automation. And as automation becomes more sophisticated, more industries are at risk.

The transportation sector actually makes up 25% of the jobs in the United States, if you can believe that. A full quarter of the population. And autonomous cars… They’re pretty much here, guys.

Famously, the Tesla Model 3, going into production this year, will have autonomous capability, though it may not have the software available, it will have the hardware ready for it.

But less famously, there are a lot of other car companies trying to beat Tesla to market with this. Nissan has a fully self-driving prototype in development that they took a drive in on Fully Charged and it was spooky how good it was.

Cadillac is so bullish on self-driving technology, they spent millions of dollars to create a lidar map of every highway in the United States using their own proprietary system.

This way their cars won’t just rely on sensors and GPS to find their way, the Cadillac system will contain a 3D map of everything, including the roadsigns.

Google’s working on a car, Apple supposedly is working on a car, but the people who are really big on this technology are the service providers.

Uber made over 2 billion dollars last year. Imagine how much they could make if they didn’t have to pay their drivers...

Uber has been working for years on a transportation fleet of autonomous cars, and even Ford has made some intentions known of pivoting in a similar direction.

Many are predicting that cars will go from a retail industry to a service industry, with Peter Diamandis saying that in ten years, car ownership will be an outdated idea.

The fact of the matter is, you can be for automation or against it, you can agree with its use or not, but this is happening. And we need to be ready for it.

Some people are talking about a basic minimum income, a flat amount of money that everybody in a society makes, as a safety net to keep people above water. This is an interesting idea that’s even being tested in some places.

There is a coming change on a fundamental and massive level in this world. One that is filled with amazing advancements and technological wonders. The question is, will we be able to change with it?

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