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The conflict in Eastern Ukraine has now been raging for over three years. The UN says the fighting between pro-Russia separatists and the Ukrainian military has killed nearly 10,000 people.

The separatists control a large area close to the Russian border. From the town of Novokivka in the north to the contested town of Shyrokyne in the south.

In February 2015, both sides signed an internationally brokered agreement aimed at finding a political solution.

But repeated ceasefire attempts have failed. The fighting maybe less intense now, but the shelling continues most days. Both sides blame each other for starting a recent escalation in violence.

But this isn't a story about politics or the European-Russian rivalry. This is a story about some of the people who have to endure the suffering of war on both sides of the front line.

"I am a reasonable thinking person. I have a university education," says Yelena Zenushkina, a clinical psychologist who left the front-line city of Donetsk looking for work in hot spot Avdiivka. "You think I don't understand that at any moment a shell could land here? Of course, I understand, but there's nowhere to go."

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guzel beshbaliq
Terrorist, uncivilized and rapist ethnic Russia pigs. I hope Ukraine will free its land free from Russian terrorist soon and send their corps to Moscow kingdom (not including occupied territories). Free Crimea!! Long live Ukraine!!!
im curious why Al Jazeera is there. this isnt a religious war like theyre used to covering supporting their Islamic terrorist friends
I really get annoyed when people protray Russia as some kind of victim and saviour during the second world war, Russia was one of the evil ones who supported the idea of German conquest, they signed a peace treaty with Germany which declares how the spoils of war was to be divided between Russia and Germany.

Russia got into problems when it mistook Germany for a friend, as a result, when war came, she was not prepared, as she killed all her experienced generals, which left her military grossly inadequate, if it was not for the West, Russia would have been speaking German as it was the West who supplied her with food and arms for months until she could look after herself
Look up convoy PQ17 to see what I am talking about..

Now she has the audacity to call the West evil, when it was the West that saved her hide from Germany after being double crossed.
Valdimir Putin is an evil man, he is the cause of all this pain as he has no idea how to turn Russia into a country that can compete on the world stage without threatening everyone with its military.

If Ukraine loved Russia, they would not have turned to the West regardless of how much money was thrown at them, the reason they don't want to be in Russias orbit is, Russia has no value for life, it kills without conscience or remorse, Russia steals peoples dignity, rights and invade their privacy, people from the Soviet era remember this, which explains why Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Georgia and more no longer wants to be friends with Russia.

Putin created this war , because he is dumb, he has no idea how to make Russia rich and peaceful, all he knows is lies, deception, murder and war.
Anthony Fig
Putin and his people don’t want to understand that u can’t win if you fight the US or his followers.. peace ✌️ from California
Bob Low
We in America would still be subjects of the perverted queen of Britian as America supports the Kiev side... Asleep idiot Ameriocans...we now provide Lethal weapons to Ukraine.
Jorge abuauad
Ukrainian are Russian both in blood culture etc a Russian province transform for Lenin and German polish propaganda to destabilized Russia in the imperial era
Jorge abuauad
Time for the junta to be send to jail for war crimes against Ukrainian patriots
Good reporting aj very rare nowadays
and where is the second point of view? Why should we listen only old influenced by russian TV propaganda people? I am literally from that region and was forced to move away because of these people. However Al Jazeera decided to show only pro-russian point of view and it is completely frustrating.
imagine if we lived in a world where there's no Russia , we the United States could do whatever we want , fortunately there's is Russia and now China to police us , to counterbalance. unfortunately in this case like in every conflict innocent people pays the price.. can you guys imagine what our government would do if Russia started a military build up on our southern border.. just think about it
André Rothweiler
really surprised how objective Al Jazeera is, keep going!
Aspect Dank
Always Anti-Russian Propaganda. Ukraine wanted to join the EU, wich was in conflict with the contracts Urkraine had with Russia. That's how it all started
Eu ainda espero que essas pessoas alcancem a paz. Ninguém merece passar pelo o que estas pessoas estão passando, correndo risco de vida toda hora ou com receio de perder algum parente ou pessoa amada. O mundo não precisa de guerra, o mundo precisa de mais amor e paz. Não temos que brigar entre si, somos todos irmãos, somos diferente por fora, mas por dentro somos todos iguais, não faz sentido lutarmos entre nós. Chega de violência, o mundo precisa de mais guerreiros que lutam pela paz.
What do you expect from the people that treasure and cherish Stalin's memory as a hero, after he massacred the Ukraine population.
Joe Nooze
War is terrible, but there are things worse. The loss of morality and patriotism in which a people will allow their enslavement and subhuman status for them their children and their families and neighbors .those who concede freedom for security deserve neither. Tyrrany always begins with promise of we urity !
Joe Nooze
US backed criminals against lightly armed civilian militia.
peter kung
Why the West don't define them as freedom fighters? They are fighting for their own villages, their own farms. The West should supply them weapons, training, fund & establish no fly zone, like what they have done in Syria.
Bimo Adhi
Russian invaded ukraine
Very good journalism, good balance between the stories and no personal opinions of the interviewers!
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Waiting For Invasion - Witness Talk to Al Jazeera - Eastern Ukraine: 7 months ago   47:13

Only 25 years after gaining independence from Russia, Lithuania is fearful of occupation again. The airspace above the Baltic states has seen regular incursions by Russian military aircraft since Russia annexed the Crimea. And the armed conflict that has been raging in eastern Ukraine for nearly three years has left people wondering if Lithuania could be next.

This documentary tells the story of two young Lithuanians getting ready to defend their country in case the unimaginable happens and Russia invades. But the film is not about the war, it is about peace and the people who are willing to fight to preserve it.

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