Kevin O’Leary Says Trudeau Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary 2 days ago   11:17

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Kevin O’Leary, star of Shark Tank, is not mincing words when it comes to Canadian politics. Speaking on the current government, he said that Canada’s future hinges on drastic changes that need happen in parliament.

“The country is a disaster,” O’Leary, chairman of O’Shares ETFs said, noting that another four years of the same leadership would cut the growth rate to zero.

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Mark Munden
I love this guy.
Kevin O'Leary is a billionaire and hes SPOT ON! The only thing I disagree with is that he (as well as many) look at "Pork" as a "product". They are not "products" they are animals, same as your dog or cat at home. No animal should be bred to be "harvested" like a crop. Such "businesses" could be retrained to produce something productive like solar panels, windmills or the non- meat and dairy industry is so big now, we need more production of plant based foods.
Damon Tsekos
We voted for "change" in Ontario and we are seeing how well this is going!
Mr. Wonderful 👍
Benjamin Burkhardt
O’Leary for Parliament
Mark Levy
Kevin for Prime Minister!!!
Dwayne Dwayne
It's mr. Wonderful
brother gamer
One thing he very correct about. Canada has to review the extradition treaty with the USA - they have abused this treaty several times and Canada is paying the price.
Louis Barbisan
Thank you Kevin O.
I allways said and allways will that a president or prime minister must be a businessman and have knowledge about all sciences.
I'm sorry to say that what we have here is failure to communicate.
Trudeau must be gone. Period.
I agree with his assessment of business and diplomacy, but his statement about Trump "starting a trade war" with China is from a purely globalist financier viewpoint. The Chinese have been waging a trade war against the U.S. for 20 years. We have the trade imbalances and factory closures to prove it.
Russ D'Abreu
Well said Mr. O'Leary. You are 100% correct about the Trudeau government.
Salty Sergeant
O'Leary is so on the mark!!!
Relaxing, Meditation Music
Trudeu is like Obama and Clinton they will turn us all against each other. We need someone like Trump. Kevin O'leary is busnessman like Trump and he knows what he is talking about.
JeriMo W
Nice job to both of you! Thumbs up for Canada!! (from a Floridian)
Paul Balice
Kevin O’Leary time to go rock out on your guitar on the dragon It’s intermission Time. The Libtards & Cons have been bitching to each other for way to many years now about there embarrassments & Scandals & Corruptions and how they've screwed CANADIANS over time & time again. Let's get rid of them once and for all and VOTE MAX BERNIER P.P.C the people's party of CANADA at least he will work for the Canadian people what do we have to lose but Turdeau & Sheer that both have nothing to offer for CANADIANS but misery. Give MAX BERNIER a chance we have given to many chances to the LIBTARDS & CONS and they've always blew it every time. BRIAN Mulroney + Stephen Harper and Turdeau are the biggest crooks CANADA HAS EVER SEEN and Sheer won't be any better. If you vote for Sheer that guarantees no work especially for the construction workers big cuts and recession like always with the PC Government TURDEAU is like the Communist Party of Cuba where TRUDEAU comes from and likes disabling comments on CTV NEWS and CBC NEWS they are like the CNN and MSNBC OF CANADA because he paid them off with CANADIAN TAX DOLLARS enough with your B.S TURDEAU TIME FOR A BIG CHANGE VOTE PPC MAX BERNIER HE IS NOT LIKE TURDEAU or
Andrew Vajda
Trudeau is a MORON
tad bushboy Bleeker
It will take the average 25 yr old until he is 52 yr old to pay Trudeau debt back. ..
Let that sink in ...
MAX BERNIER... ppc has my vote now.
Tanya Brinkman
Kevin O Leary - I won't put you on the No Entry list this time with the Department of Homeland Security, but you are an anti-American scumbag for saying Trump screwed Canada completely when we didn't. Your country upheld its obligation under international treaty to extradite those wanted in another country who come through your country in transit or otherwise. America would have done the same thing for you, as we would be obliged to under international treaty/agreement. You guys are delusional in Canada at times. What makes you think your goods and services are equal to those from America by what you said that Canada could have "stepped in" to make up the trade differences that Canada could have gained with China during the US/China trade war. Replacing your goods with ours, to then sell to China. There is no proof that you could have done that at all. Sorry, you got that wrong too. You guys are not America so give it up. You have the population of California and we do not need your market for anything at all. NOTHING.
You are not equal to us and never have been from the start.

Trudeau pissed off other governments too, like Saudi Arabia and even the Queen of England -- your colonial master. But to see Trudeau look like the child at the Adult Table at the G20 Summit in Japan, was just pathetic. The Brazilian president even blew him off and would not shake his hand after Trudeau reached out to shake his hand as they were sitting right next to each other. You guys have to get over your inferiority complex that you have had for many years. You clutch on to both Great Britain and the USA and neither country really gives a screw about you. You need to become your own country and stop putting yourself within reach of Great Britain and the USA and become your own nation, finally. Then you will be a great nation.

Just because Americans are usually polite to you and with you, does not mean we respect you or even like you that much because at the end of the day, we have the attitude you should have and that is F the World, we will do our own thing. Trudeau did not have a firm understanding of Canada's limited place in the world today. He thought he could be the White Obama but failed at that too. The dude is such a light weight, that he is the one who has really "screwed Canada" in the end. It is his fault and your flunky Foreign Minister as well who wore white t shirts to Washington D.C. (twice), promoting herself as someone who is really no one at all, to be honest. You have an extremely arrogant government now that does not get stuff done. We have also an extremely arrogant government in America THAT GETS STUFF DONE all of the time. Trump has broken economic records left and right over the past 2 years in office. What has Trudeau done for the Canadian economy? Not much. You could have gotten a much better trade deal with the US if Trudeau was out of the picture. He screwed you guys because you are not a major country in the world and never have been. You ride on the coat tails of America and Britain yet act like a major power on the world stage which you have never been. Trudeau is seriously delusional but that is how the LEFT is acting all over the falling Western World. It has been fun to watch the Left fall from grace and nose dive while showing us their Nazi ways as well, hidden all of the years.....

Canada is lost in a circle of its own making and Trudeau is the reason Canada is failing while America is winning and China put you guys in your place because you are not America at all so tell Trudeau not to act bigger then his britches or else you get what you have now: A globalist prince who has no kingdom to rule. But I see this with the Australians too. Big country, think they are America, arrogant and too stupid to realize their own national limitations. As long as you bow to a White Privilege Royal Government, coming from Buckingham Palace, you will never truly be free and will remain only as Subjects of the Crown. You are victims of white on white apartheid and don't realize it. How can Trudeau say Canada is for diversity when a black Canadian man can never ever become King of England because of his skin color? The Queen of England is your Head of State, as she is with Australia and New Zealand, etc. But a black man can become President of the USA - been there done that. You are still colonized by a racist government on an island in the North Atlantic.

America should not be defending white privilege still being used to oppress western Europeans in an evil system called a MONARCHY. There is about 8 western European monarchies that still exist today in the 21st Century - like clownish anachronisms. The eastern Europeans have been free for 30 years now but western Europe is still ruled by racist governments dripping in white privilege at the highest level of society. It is seriously grotesque.
Siqari סיקארי
Sorry Canada but it does not matter if your next PM is a Conservative or Liberal. Canada will not gain any ground under Trump. Trump is a master business man not a politician. Under a Conservative government Canada can repair the internal damages caused by Trudeau but on a global scale and within the eyes of the U.S. Canada will not have any real economic power.
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Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Kevin O’Leary Says Trudeau 2 days ago   34:49

TV's "Mr. Wonderful" says that the president has deregulated the economy in a powerful way.

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For the past 10 years, the reality TV show Shark Tank has entertained and edified millions of viewers by dramatizing how entrepreneurs pitch venture capitalists. And none of the "sharks"—the investors who compete with each other to fund businesses they think will be successful—is more entertaining or edifying than Kevin O'Leary, whose signature insult to unsuccessful contestants—"You're Dead To Me"—has become a pop culture catchphrase.

But O'Leary isn't just a small-screen blowhard. Born and raised in Canada, the 65-year-old investor got rich by developing educational and family-oriented computer software in the 1980s and '90s and holding firm to a gospel of thrift, savings, and reinvestment that he's outlined in best-selling books such as Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women, and Money. Over the years, he's diversified his investments into vineyards, storage facilities, and more, and he's dabbled in politics, too, briefly considering a run in 2017 to head the Conservative Party in Canada. His brash nature earned him easy comparisons to Donald Trump but O'Leary, who lives in Boston, is openly free trade and pro-immigration. He's long been in favor of marijuana legalization and gay rights and opposed to military interventionism.

Nick Gillespie sat down with O'Leary at FreedomFest, the annual gathering of libertarians in Las Vegas. They talked about why Shark Tank is so popular, why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is so bad, and whether "democratic socialism" is really a threat to the free market capitalism that O'Leary says makes us richer and happier. They also discussed why O'Leary thinks Donald Trump has been great for the economy despite a personal style so many, including O'Leary himself, find unappealing.

Interview by Nick Gillespie. Edited by Ian Keyser. Intro by Mark McDaniel.

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