How To Back Up Your Photos With Google Photos Tutorial - Backup 2 days ago   06:37

Dusty Porter
In this video tutorial, I show you how to easily backup your photos using Google Photos on both the desktop and mobile version.

To download the Google Photos App Go To:

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Dusty Porter
Let me know what else you would like to know about Google Photos!
Ajay Kumar
Tell something about deleted recording videos
Magoba Eddy
Yvette Hernandez
My question is I had a moto z all my photos were on google photos but I cannot use that phone but all my photos were there how can I recuperate them all to my new phone
Share Knowledge
Do you know if I could get back those delete photos from my iphone as it may once syn to google photo APP?
Aurelio Morrales
Why are only some of the photos in google photos on my phone showing up on my pc? /every time I take a picture it uploads to google photos on my phone but not my pc Why are they not loading on my pc?
The jetset life Killed me already
Ugh yess! Now I have more storage for my drawings!!
Don Steenken
Now that I made a back up from my Iphone photo's to the cloud (Google photo's) can I delete the photo's from my Iphone to get more space without loosing the photo's from the cloud?
Don Steenken
Hi Thanks for this tutorial video! I have one question (see this video 1;23) about 'Choose backup sourses. For so far I noticed I could not choose any kind of the option. I quess the standard is used (photo's and video's). I work on Laptop (no mac). Windows 7 and I made a google Photo account.
How do you transfer iphoto (ipad) to Google photos? I can NOT find sources in my ipad..
Pauline St. Martin
This was very helpful. Would highly recommend it.
Sheikh Jabir
please help me.
how to recover trash (bin) deletet foto for google photos ??
1-888-588-2108 Call For Help
Some users facing problems with google photos if Face ID is not working on your Phone, call on +1-844-312-7484 to get helpful solutions a try to troubleshoot the problem right away.
Bryan Wilson
2:35 for mobile version, you're welcome
Mark hack
To resolve your all Google Photos Technical issues.This is a new Google Photos Helpline Number Call on 1 888 551 2881
Hernandez Team
CAN i reset or delete my photos from my iPhone after doing this google photo backup !!!!??
Cardigan Babe
I had backup my photos from one phone to Google Photos. However, when I want to view the photos using another phone, I am not able to see them. How can I combine all my photos from various devices into Google Photos?
CH Anas Mazhar
Bro I want all of my photos back which are in google phots so tell me how can i backup this photo turn to gallery
Michael Toub
Great video!
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Google Photos Tutorial - Backup How To Back Up Your Photos With 2 days ago   10:45

This video tutorial will show you how to use the backup feature in Google Photos. With Google Photos you can store all of your photos and videos for free. On your mobile device (Android or IOS) download the Google Photos app or use it from your computer’s browser from your Gmail account. For a quick way to backup all of your photos and videos on your computer, download the Google Photos Uploader, connect it to the right account and it will start protecting your valuable memories for you. Once your photos are backed up, you will no longer need them on your device. Simply have Google Photos remove them from your phone but access them at any time from any device through Google Photo’s cloud service.

Get the apps and uploader here:

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