Kingston MobileLite Pro Wireless Media Transfer or Backup your GoPro 9 months ago   08:13

Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless Pro charges smartphones and tablets faster, with a 6,900mAh battery providing a 2A output. Along with that built in battery, the MobileLite Pro lets you wirelessly access the contents of a USB drive or SD card, as well as its own 64 GB of built-in storage, extendable via USB drives and SD cards.

Access USB flash drives and SD cards wirelessly from smartphones and tablets to free up space, make backup copies of important photos, videos, contact and calendar entries and transfer files to a phone or tablet without using a PC. Save by not paying monthly fees for cloud-based backup services! The MobileLite Wireless Pro works with Android, Amazon and iOS devices!

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how does the unit get its own wifi and is there a limit
Serkant Hekimci
But what about raw files? Probably it doesnt see raws, You only show Jpg, but photographers usually work with raw files.
Similar to RAVpower FileHub Plus $39 instead of $99 but does not include 64gb internal storage.
J Prod
Are there any other brands making similiar devices to these MobileLite G series?
How much time does it take to transfer 32 gigas from my GoPro micro sd? By the way nice review and channel! Congrats !!!
Thank You For Review.I have a question for mobilelite Pro

How much different speed SDCARD To USB ( Harddrive ) Between the mobilelite G2 and Mobilelite Pro ?

Thank You
valerie collado
Yey! Thanks for this 😁😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Ethan Lundy
What happened to the audio Iftie?
Abdulaziz Alkhalifa
Thank you for this great review sir
Total Control 871
another device that depends on another privacy invading app that demands access to mobile data that has NOTHING to do with the function of the unit.
Another great review! Thanks for the video mate! Does it stream while the unit is charging?
Kym Moulds
Thanks Ifri for another great review.
Great Review! Fantastic Video! Thanks For Sharing!
Luis Costa
Does it also recognize 2.5" portable HDDs?
That would be it!
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Transfer or Backup your GoPro Kingston MobileLite Pro Wireless Media 9 months ago   10:20

We travel on our motorcycles a lot. So we needed a way to backup our files and not have to bring a large computer with us. Using a Kingston MobileLite G2 and a portable hard drive was the answer. Now be aware we've only tested it using this hard drive. It is possible that different drives require differnt amounts of power to run. Make sure to test a head of time to ensure your drive is compatible

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