Custom Blast Pipe for our SR20 Building a E36 M3 in 10 minutes! 2 days ago   16:55

Hoonigan Project Cars
Blast pipes and big johnnies are crucial to almost any Hoonigan build. Danger Dan knows this, and he knows it well. So now that the SR20 is nestled perfectly into that engine bay, it's time to make an exhaust. Because even though we looked real hard, we couldn't find any off-the-shelf piping for an SR swapped 1993 BMW Sh*tcar. Believe it or not.

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Hoonigan Project Cars
Now that Sh!tcar has an SR20DET in it, does that mean Sh!tcar gets a new name?!
fvcker gonna fvck
cinematic garage - garage
layzor beeemz
Can we vote to have all music accross hoonigan changed to the chill music like in this episode? Instead of cookie cutter trap beats.
jeremy johnson
Hay danger dan what going on with the pit truck for worthhouse
Watching this while I wait on parts, the struggle is real.
Put that on a brake tester. I think it'll brake one side before the other if it has a 2 piece plunger. The way to go is a T split on one of the holes on master cylinder or that can be a problem.
I had to go back and click like on 5 other videos I watched before getting here lol, we forget sometimes.
Michael Henderson
Got to love that intro. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Links to the music please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Avery
Y'all need a megaphone 📣 exhaust exit through the bash bar @dangerdan3!
Pony Up Foxbody
You picked the perfect swap for this car. It's gonna rip
Felix Mounsey
that tune playing from like 15.00 in that montage of putting the motor in, is so sick, anyone know it?
Remi Ramos
Obviously Dan is the man, and not to take anything away from him... But damn, Will and Kado killed the camera and editing work with this. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Dave Clowes
Next Sh*tcar should be an American Muscle
Todd Copeland
I want the lights back
Kenneth Daigre
The intro "Garage Garage"song will make him famous!!!!
Steven Schweitzer
People who attempt welding and have no idea what they’re doing is hard to watch smh lol
Arthur Raber
Pulling does not give it more heat at all, because when you pull with MIG, you are directing the heat in the opposite direction of your travel direction. For maximum penetration, you need to push with MIG. You can pull for thinner metal such as exhaust pipe, but I prefer to push and do what Dan was doing in the early section of the video: Tack, Move Forward, Tack, Move Forward, Tack, etc. It helps mimic TIG welding and if you are quick about it, it keeps the heat in. However, TIG is the best for anything you can fit in with.
hazeem _hs
Song 3.35-4.45?
that's right its me
get some sleeves on when your welding, keep at it you are doing great
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Building a E36 M3 in 10 minutes! Custom Blast Pipe for our SR20 2 days ago   11:03

This M3 has been through it all. From what started as a junker on the side of the road (barely running!), now is an absolute STUNNER! If you're an E36 M3 fan, then this video is made just for you! Don't forget to stick around to the end for some sound clips/boost pulls!

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