Europe's forgotten war continues in Eastern Graham: What the public deserves 1 day ago   02:27

euronews (in English)
Nearly 13,000 people have been killed in five years of fighting in the border region between Russia and Ukraine. EU Foreign Ministers will meet in Brussels today to discuss increasing sanctions against Moscow as the conflict continues.

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Sequeira mendes
Russia most Nuke Nato and Usa
Abraham Stark
The press guy look like the Agent Smith from the movie Matrix
Eternal Woods
R u recording with the terrorist? Hahahaha Euronews always REC with ISIS and now with the Cyborgs
Ian Lopez
Many mindless Russian zombies in comments
Russell Bentley
LOL - Pro-nazi propaganda, lies and 3rd rate production values from a 3rd rate "news" org.
Bwana Zoulou
"Europe's forgotten war continues in Eastern Ukraine" says the Euronews which ignored the war during its six first months. Fecking hypocrites.
Historical Truther
I hope Russia drops 20 nuclear bombs on Tel Aviv!
John Baldwin
Ukraine is the aggressor and has broken the Minsk Agreement countless times attacking civilians as everyone is targeted... The Maidan government vows to retake both self-proclaimed Republics no matter the cost!
Russia has not supplied either Republics' with weapons, no logistics nor combat support... there are no active Russian military forces in Eastern Ukraine... Donbas and Lugansk have only defended themselves and their borders against Ukrainian forces...
It was the US Warhawks that backed the Ultra-Nationalists Fascists with $5 billion of US taxpayers money to overthrow a pro-Russian Ukrainian president that would not accept the offer back in 2013 by US State Dept. thugs to be Pro-US and to make the move to join the EU and be a part of NATO to further contain both Russia and China and to complete Bush's Missile Defense Shield that requires to complete the system that needs Poland, Czech Republic, and Ukraine to be fully operational!
And Germany rewards Russian aggression and Putin's violent ideology with Nordstream 2
Sheeple are Lame
Free Assange
Blank Space
Euronews back to propaganda
Blank Space
Ukraine nazi gays
Terance Wapasuce
Well didnt this start with a coup? The leader ran to russia and that is what started this mess. Why would it end yet with the usa doing this all over the place.
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Graham: What the public deserves Europe's forgotten war continues in Eastern 1 day ago   05:18

Collusion narrative crumbles; Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham weighs in on FISA abuse investigation. #Hannity #FoxNews

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