In Ukraine's Donbas region, war rumbles Ukraine crisis: Crimea's new Russian-made 1 day ago   05:42

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Last month, a naval incident saw Russia shoot openly at Ukrainian military personnel for the first time and seize 24 Ukrainian sailors. Ukraine, in response, has declared martial law in ten regions, made good on promises to create an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and ended a treaty of friendship with Russia that was still in force. Little noticed by the world, war rumbles on in the eastern Donbas region, occupied by Russian-backed forces. FRANCE 24's Gulliver Cragg reports.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Gaëlle Essoo.

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Hmoob Minnesota Yangtze 9 CLANS
Asians democracy pray for your democracy. Dam Putin how dare pick on Ukraine want democracy
D 1
No more brother wars
Marlynne Struwig
Jews have their hands on the Ukrainians
Aleksandr "Batman" 😂
Every person who supports Putin: are you mentally ill? Why you want our people die?!
Poroshenko please send more pigs to the saughter we are waiting for you.
The Most Interesting Man On Youtube
Slava Ukraina !!
Hacker111 Anonymous111
Ukaine soldier kill civilians !!!!!!!!!!
Alberto Jara Donoso
Bloody Savages.
phantom samurai
They should build a wall
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SBK 510
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Jacob Lynnd
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Jacob Lynnd
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Российская Федерация! 🇷🇺
Jub Jub
@4:20 Is that Samuel Tarly? Sam the slayer?
Bjorn Ditlef Nistad
I recommend my video on Ukraine:
Porky ^^
You fought to be free now you have never been more divided
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Ukraine crisis: Crimea's new Russian-made In Ukraine's Donbas region, war rumbles 1 day ago   01:49

The Telegraph's Moscow correspondent, Roland Oliphant, reports from Crimea, where he says an ever increasing Russian military presence is turning the region into a "de facto different country".

"If you're in any doubt that you're entering what is becoming a de facto different country, just look at the sign.

"Stop Maidan, Crimea is for stability, no foreign interference. That's a message ... that the revolutionaries who overthrew Viktor Yanukovytch in the capital are not welcome here."

Ukrainian officials have confirmed that Russia is building up armour on its side of a narrow stretch of water closest to Crimea after President Putin declared at the weekend he had the right to invade to protect Russian interests and citizens in Ukraine.

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