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Hey guys welcome to episode 5 of Reddit Entitled Parents. A lot of you have mentioned that you wanted me to read some Reddit Entitled Parents Stories and I've got 3 awesome stories for you guys today.

Here are the stories in this episode:

0:10 - "Ep BROKE my computer"
3:05 - "Susan gets mad at me because of my violent hoodie"
5:45 - "EK steals my Gameboy Advance thinking it's a Switch Mini, tries to sell it to Gamestop"

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Hey guys! Fill in the blank! If an entitled parent tried to bully me, I would ____________.
Oscar Surman
Comment 667
Shock the mother wasn't all "NOW GIVE ME BACK MY! MONEY!' For her fake "he sold us this" story.
OriginScourge S
Does your jaw hurt
Sum Bird
I hope tha woman gets arrested for stealing
I accessed Ultra Instinct during the hoodie story when the op called the EM Karen, I thought to myself “Watch her name be Susan instead.”. 3 seconds later, “MY NAME ISNT KAREN ITS SUSAN!” O.O
Little Lilly Xpart wolf partX smexy
AW i want that hoodie so bad!
Random Stuff Dot Net
5:20 I would (after she was done talking) Say: "Well, I'm about to scar you for life." An then scream: *"I'M NOT GONNA SHOW YOU MY BOOBIES BY TAKING THIS OFF!!! SOMEONE HELP!!!* *_AAHH!!!"_*
Sabina Thompson
My name is not Karen it’s SuAsaN!
noah borden
if an entitled parent tried to bully me, i would shove them and break leg
Ranger The Yeeted
The fuck was wrong with the EP in the hoodie story though
MM Aviation
WTF going out the first time in 3 WEEKS !!!
MM Aviation
How do we know this is true ?
satisfing ducks
F ing people watcher
Đoàn Nguyễn Thanh Tùng
a shirt with a cute seal on it..... its VIOLENT :/
I played L4D1/L4D2 since I was 9, but ok
Hart Sisters
The hoodie looks a bit cute
Dohn Treena
Sandbox Coloring
I like how the hoodie is described and I just like the hoodie and would buy it

Dat Terd
I'm 21 and I live at home

Me:who knew that people live at houses
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r/ProRevenge - 3 Top Reddit Revenge Stories r/EntitledParents - EP "Broke" My Laptop - 3 Entitled 2 days ago   10:48

Hey guys, this is episode 4 of the Pro Revenge series on my channel. I hope you you guys are enjoying this series. I'm really loving sharing these Reddit Pro Revenge stories with you guys! In this episode you'll hear about:

0:10 - "Don't mess with my car" - how a guy gets the ultimate pro revenge on someone who broke his side mirrors.

5:45 - "I catfished my abusive dad to prove to my family he's a cheater"

7:39 - "Destroy my clothes? Enjoy your time in jail" - How one girl, gets back at her step brother for messing up her favorite pants.

Please feel free to leave a comment, or if you want to submit your own Reddit revenge, Reddit Pro revenge, or Reddit petty revenge stories, please email me. Email will be in my channel description.

Hope you enjoy the video! Check out latest videos as well!

Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/WTeqYGt

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