r/EntitledParents - EP "Broke" My Laptop - 3 Entitled r/EntitledParents | Mom YANKS Towel Away 2 days ago   10:59

Hey guys welcome to episode 5 of Reddit Entitled Parents. A lot of you have mentioned that you wanted me to read some Reddit Entitled Parents Stories and I've got 3 awesome stories for you guys today.

Here are the stories in this episode:

0:10 - "Ep BROKE my computer"
3:05 - "Susan gets mad at me because of my violent hoodie"
5:45 - "EK steals my Gameboy Advance thinking it's a Switch Mini, tries to sell it to Gamestop"

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Hey guys! Fill in the blank! If an entitled parent tried to bully me, I would ____________.
Master Gamer Just For You
If I was in the position of the girl with the hoodie I am a boy so it would be different I can get easily angry cuz my brain 🧠 is like this oh what you shouting at me me outside WHAT SO WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY DAMN HOODIE I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DARE TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY HOODIE and if she did anything to me she would have already lost a body part her head
Im pretty fast, so i would run, Yell AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! Before jumping and tackling the boy, taking the gameboy advance back and walking away
Tim’s Vids
The one who broke the computer make you want to stop over in a neck
L4D2 sounds glitching
What actually happened
Some guy repeating "COACH!"
Zuko Stryder
Awwwwweeee I want that sweatshirt sharks are my favorite animalssss awwwwwe
Jack Ellington
is it just me or do Americans really seem to pronounce grocery as "groshery"? lol
That first story,if it was me "You broke my laptop, pay me!"
all these are so fake it’s not even funny
I’d call her Karen, too.
Mr. Meme Robber
The woman offended by the hoodie was clearly Christian.
Romina Duenas
10:24 you’re a piece of garbage 😂
The Mooshroom
Is it wrong to say that for some of these entitled parents (mostly the really bad ones) to kill them?
TNT Chase
Lemme catch MY PARENTS feeling entitled (Birdman Reference)
Hussein Toubeh
One time i had a psp and then em and ek and ed came to me keep in favt that i was literally outside of my house and then they simply took it and heard them say:we finally got it over and over and then this is what my dark side says in my mind GET A KNIFE FROM THE KITCHEN AND MAKE SURE ITS FAST AND THEN FOLLOW THEM AND STAP then i said i dont have time for this and ran after them i was fast as fuck and i cought them and took it and then they screamd RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE and police came and then the said this Boy assulted me and then the police said "mam your all laying keep in mind that the boy was 19to20 and then they all whent to jail this was from 1992 aslo this was on mobile device so sorry for the wrong garmmer
Some new-to-me stories, those are hard to find. :) Thanks.
the second one: "Well, my name is not "Young Lady", Susan!"
I swear if somebody stole my console im going to f****** kill them idc if i have asthma
alex gatpandan
“Lady is not my name”
Me: Okay b****
Mr. Doge
Kawaii shark plus one of its preys covered in maple syrup....
WaIt ThAtS iLlEgAl
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r/EntitledParents | Mom YANKS Towel Away r/EntitledParents - EP "Broke" My Laptop - 3 Entitled 2 days ago   20:57

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