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After over 80 years in business and the worlds largest electronic store retailer, today I explore how this billion dollar company which revolutionized the electronic store market, eventually came tumbling down into its eventual bankruptcy in the same vein as Circuit City. Let's take a look at the history of RadioShack.

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Other Interesting RadioShack Media:
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sir tomato
I remember going into radio shack in my local town after forgetting to get an adapter to go with my iPod touch because it didn’t come with one. It was a cool addition to my town as it was small and there wasn’t any other store like it in the surrounding towns
S2N Moon
shame i loved Radio Shack.. Great video.. thanks..
Mello Yello
my radio shack became a pizza place..
Caitlyn Keelin
We still have 2 open
Kawaii Sam :3
9:16 That Radioshack building is no longer Radioshack. it is now a community college named Tarrant County College Trinity River located in Downtown Fort Worth, TX. It was established in 2009 and is a great school. Very convenient location as it's only 10 minutes from the nearest high school. As a current student on campus, I would like to say thank you Radioshack for lending us your headquarters. Although it failed, the building has now given us Texans a new place to learn and grow for the far future. Appreciate it!
Nathan Boatright
Who knows radio shack for the captain marvel reference
Mike Baxter
When i was little kid ... One of my life goals was to own Radio Shack franchise .... by the time I got ole enough they were dead .. i actually did contract work for them, and had to apply to the trustee, and put a lien on the product I installed to get paid, and it took 16 months to get the money.
Thomas k
I still have radio shack soldier
The Mystery Bar
My dad worked at radio shack in it's end years. I have to drive by his old Radio Shack whenever I visit my grandparents, it's sad to look at the store in such disrepair.
My RadioShack turned into a Sprint store so
James Phieffer
Radio Shack was in Canada before 1986. They opened their Belleville, Ontario store in the Quinte Mall when that venue opened its first expansion in 1981. It was my favourite store there.

Incidentally, there is a still picture of a Radio Shack from the 80s when you are talking about them in Canada at the end of the video. I think it may be the Belleville store, as to the left you can see it's beside a pet store, which was the case at the Quinte Mall location.
Interesting video.
Katybee Beehive
Have you done Borders yet?
Katybee Beehive
Do Sears and Kmart in future episodes
Plush Gang
My cousin worked there until it announced bankruptcy. He still owns stuff from radio shack he bought in its last days
The Realistic car stereo is the best that I have ever heard !!.
WintendoWii !
i have a radio shack near me
Oof, this hits close to home. The problem with Radio Shack was that they originally started out in electronics and radios, but somehow lost their way in the early '00's. I remember in my much younger days hanging out in the Radio Shack at the mall while my parents went off and shopped. I knew the product lines better than the staff did and almost got hired on a couple of times (I was too young at the time). This was back in the day when you could walk in, grab some security sensors, a couple of books on transistors, some wire wrap, a beefy power supply, a new TV aerial, and a car charger for your phone. The problem was that they stopped being there for the hobbyist and the electronics enthusiasts and instead decided to go for the lowest common denominator, which is cellphones. As they focused on cellphones hoping to make the bucks, they soured an entire generation of electronics engineers and enthusiasts as they shoved all the DIY and custom electronics components, the very things that made Radio Shack popular in the first place, were shoved into the back corner of the stores and the lion's share of the store was replaced with cellphones and cellphone plans. (Anyone remember the one unit of sliding parts drawers that were always a disorganized mess?) When they finally got their heads out of their rear ends towards 2013-2014 and started heavily trying to win back the enthusiasts with more DIY parts and equipment (Learning kits, tons of parts, good soldering setups, great books, components, etc), it was already too late as enthusiasts were already pushed away to other vendors. When Radio Shack finally got liquidated, I remember hitting six locations around town for some really awesome stuff (Arduino Cellular cards, LCD screens, lots of components, and other various kits), things that I had just now found out that Radio Shack carried. Of course, if Radio Shack had tried sooner to win back the enthusiasts before Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and others started hitting Radio Shack's target consumers, they might have actually won the battles and still be in existence today. At least with me, there are still many times I wished that Radio Shack was still around locally simply because they'd have the part or the cable I'd need and I could have gotten it now instead of waiting on Amazon or having to go to Wal-mart or Best Buy (both stores I despise).
“Radio sha-shac-shac”
Haha vine is dead.
Turns out theres a huge abandoned radio shack next to a mall I always go to. It looks in good condition too
I think I went there once. Once. I don’t remember but I have a feeling I went there once.
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THEY EVEN ABANDONED THEIR Abandoned - RadioShack 2 days ago   28:37


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