Man Finds A 130-Year-Old Tombstone In The Woods, Greatest barn find collection 2 days ago   03:08

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You're making an awful assumption that this was an animal's grave. What if little Duchie was in fact a 12 year old little girl or boy who, just so happened to like or have a pet rabbit? Maybe this was his or her favorite place to play in the woods, and, as it turns out, a nice, fitting final resting place.
Reb Rearview
While wandering through an old cemetery, i came across a tombstone for an infant child. He was born on Nov. 7, 1949, and died Nov. 7, 1949. Evidently, he had lived only a few hours. That in itself is not so uncommon. But it did make me wonder why one child is born and soon after dies, while another continues to live on. My birthday is Nov. 7, 1949.
As an added note, often people come across tombstones that are illegible. If you ever want to know what it says, carry some white butcher paper and a piece of charcoal with you. Put the paper over the inscription and then rub it with the charcoal. Often it becomes legible then.
Russell Holder
Should have put some flowers there maybe it’s lucky or something
Kerry Williams
Real good video....Thanks
We had a pet rabbit and we all loved him to.💔
tweetie pie
It was the grave of a rabbit. You're welcome.
D.T. Grosz
SSSSSOOOOOOOoooooo the adorable message is what, do tell????????????????????????????????
Simone Miller
thumbs up to Sid...!!! ;-)
arno kosterman
Mabey that family had more child's en chainses the rabbit wen it days to there last child♡♧♡
Some people are doing that today♤
Our Mabey the rabbit dit become that old♡♧♡.
Our it is a small animal could sweathart in antilian languege.
If a toy poedel can become 19 jears old 3 jaars is poseble without the medicine of today easely
Christopher Anderson
That's very kind of the man to restore the memorial.
Natalie 1234
When I was a kid we found 3 grave stones in the woods from the 1800s. It was near a holiday park in Georgia.
Edmond Pecot Jr.
Some asshole will hear the story and go steal the poor tombstone
Kenneth Shaw
Thank you. Great story!
Donald Rohrbacher
i'll tell you .. there must be 41 thumbs down trolls just going around giving thumbs down. . .
James Henderson
When I was a kid I had a pet rabbit. My dad called it casserole....😂
Nerina Blais
This is so heart warming that I'm crying tears of joy a little. 😂
Ensei Mada
I kept removing this channel to my recommendation yet still appears.
Wtf YouTube.
beverly hunter
I bet there was house very close by, it may not be there now, I’m sure they would have kept her close to house.
Linda Launius
Thank you
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Greatest barn find collection Man Finds A 130-Year-Old Tombstone In The Woods, 2 days ago   37:20

You’d never know that down an unmarked, unpaved road lives a barn-find collection that would melt any car enthusiast’s face off. Dodge Daytonas, a Plymouth Superbird, big block Chevys, Ford Thunderbirds, an L-82 Corvette with under 10 miles, DeTomaso Pantera... and the list goes on... and on... an on! This is the episode of Barn Find Hunter you've been waiting for.

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