10 Things You Didn't Know About 10 Amazing Facts About Gremlins 2 days ago   15:09

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Douglas McNeil
You need to do a review of Johnny Dangerously.
Melissa Maylath
I love this movie. Not just for it's all star cast. And it's wacky off beat humor. Because it's original & unique . There has been no other movie like it since then . Back then Hollywood had an imagination. Now it's all squeals ,Prequels , & Remakes
eric sam
I thought he was going to say, "This is the part where I say...DAT DAT DAT DAT"....lol.
Jerry Fox
The weird is why it's good! Jack Nickleson at his best! ❤😉
$260 million budget. I don't think so. That is most definitely wrong.
Accidental Lyrics
I really enjoyed Mars Attacks. Thanks for doing this tribute
Cascadian Rangers
better keep making videos or I'm gonna mail Squiggles a zippo
Zoes Dada
Did you already do "little shop of horrors"?
Nick Ducharne
I grew up loving this movie. One of the Best alien mars attacks movies.
Magi M
Thank you :)
wow. your version of the dvd cover looks so much better then the one we got in canada. on that note, does that version also have the "score" audio track on that? i need to find this dvd again, just so i can make a cd version of the score.
Thomas Wood
Minty how could you leave out Christina Applegate as Sharona!
Wait what... no. 5:22 the budget was 70 million not 260 million.
Lisa Marie is gorgeous
peter papadimitriou
Great video again minty Lok hope things are well down under in Australia sir?
Andlehar 1
War of the worlds anyone?
Phoenix Prime
Minty, I am pretty sure that this movie's budget was nowhere near $260 million (US). Apparently it was $80 million. are you adjusting to a different currency?
Crystal Pettry
1 Thing you didn't know... you totally forgot about Martin Short and Danny DeVito
Curtis Lowery
Lose the glasses. Get a hat. Buy some sound damping foam to put around your mic and stop yelling. When you have your face time quality drops as you are yelling not projecting.
James Garrison
260 million dollar budget in the 90's? did I hear this right?!?!?
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10 Amazing Facts About Gremlins 10 Things You Didn't Know About 2 days ago   16:47

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