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So glad it didn't happen in the 80s. That would've ruined it in the same way the sci-fi standard Dune was ruined by that jackass Lynch.
I'm actually in this movie. That's me shooting the Martian at 5:49 - Had a lot of fun and got to meet Jack Nicholson too!
Stogie Guy
An underrated classic! Also, now I want to go find some original Mars Attacks cards
Dinosaurs attacks needs to be made.
Ronny Guy
I always imagined that this 1990's movie took place around the year 2015.
Oh, come on, give him some matches. What's the worst he could do with them?
Where the ufo landed to meet with our military was a dry lake bed> that was filmed in kingman Arizona and it’s called (red lake)> universal soldier...and I believe the name was Route 66 also filmed in kingman aZ and oatman AZ👍
LOL the Martians represent illegal immigrants and the president represents Merkel
Happy Shitkicker
Allah Aaack-bar!!!
Christopher Lewis
Dude, put down the puppet... it's just cringey.
Stephanie Williamson
The blowing up of the Landmark Hotel, was the actual implosion footage.
Horror 13
This channel would be so much better is the guy didn't try to be funny. Comes off so cringe!! Not funny at all
Ernest G. Bilko
Try pulling this film out of your arse and then comment on. It's fucking shocking - spoof or not
Jim Huber
I thought means of defeating the aliens was more of a rip off of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, where they were defeated with the song Puberty Love.
MagnusRune Daltus
Ack ack ack ack, ACK ACK ACK reddit ACK ack ack ACK www.reddit.com/r/ACK
Michael Fitzgerald
Well done Minty
Phantom Tail
You forgot Danny DeVito!
Did I hear you say that they green lit a $260,000,000.00 budget for the movie ? um, that's a smidge over a quarter of a BILLION DOLLARS ....that don't sound right...especially when you Google Mars Attacks, and see that they had a budget of $70 million....you're only off by nearly $200 million...whooops!
Mr. Shooter McGavin
You look like a British Karl Anderson 😂😂😂😂
Dack dack dack!!! Shut up shut up SHUT UP!!!!
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