Ukraine War: 18+ RAW Civilians Bombed 10 MOST BRUTAL MURDERS CAUGHT 6 months ago   12:07

Ukraine War Awareness
July 18, 2014, Residential Area shelled by Ukrainian Armed Forces, killing only Civilians during UAF's ATO. Nobody was arrested for war crimes. RELATED TRANSLATED VIDS BELOW:
- Chronicles: May-June 2014 Compilation of Airstrikes, Shelling, and Shootouts. Footage & Aftermath:

- DPR Soldiers talk / share experiences and thoughts:
- Shrapnel Shell During Minsk Ceasefire Aftermath:
- RAW Battle of Marinka from DPR side:
- DPR Fighter from Texas on site aftermath Telmanove shelling, 6yo dead:

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Apache Copter
Lol he got rekt 0:30
Bru im 17 and im seeing this shit and it does not faze me at all bru
Basher ka No?
сергей лазарев
Poroshenko is a true terrorist
сергей лазарев
Very scary
Jonne Jonnela
It seems that Stalins reign never ended in Russia
Jeremiah Cirino
What is the cruel, cold world coming to...? A young soul was killed too...this is just sad, man, wtf.
michael murphy
i am fortunate to not go through this. i am so sorry for all these people it doesnt matter who we are and how we look damn it. this is fucked up nobody should witness this. we are an abomination of creation god help us all
Marina Udoekpo
This is so horrible
Stephen Fischer
Bryan Lucas
Wtf dude

I hate this people

Because, a million of deaths everyday is because of him

Sorry for my bad english, im from brazil

God bless this families
Danny Scott
Those poor people ! Just going about there daily business, then fucking boom !! Bodies all over the god damn place ! Why the hell must we have war and violence ?!! Makes zero sense to me !!!!
Faris Mohamed
Rest in peace , sorry to those who have lost their loved ones, may God be with u
Lu Alvarado
These people deserved better
Caesar Howell
Rest in peace to these lost souls and just saying don't like this video its disrespect to these lost souls
Rando 123456
Wow it’s that bad
Gun's N Musik
Des images terribles ...
The cannathusiast
Very sad indeed my heart goes out to the families. And this is the kind of uncensored reality america needs to see not watered down pixelated crap, show the real. I feel there is more understanding when you see the real raw uncut uncensored events like this, it needs to be documented, it needs to be seen, video is hard pointed to the truth.
Nikola Kovačević
UAF hates Slavs
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10 MOST BRUTAL MURDERS CAUGHT Ukraine War: 18+ RAW Civilians Bombed 6 months ago   06:47


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