Ukraine War: 18+ RAW Civilians Bombed 10 MOST BRUTAL MURDERS CAUGHT 5 months ago   12:07

Ukraine War Awareness
July 18, 2014, Residential Area shelled by Ukrainian Armed Forces, killing only Civilians during UAF's ATO. Nobody was arrested for war crimes. RELATED TRANSLATED VIDS BELOW:
- Chronicles: May-June 2014 Compilation of Airstrikes, Shelling, and Shootouts. Footage & Aftermath:

- DPR Soldiers talk / share experiences and thoughts:
- Shrapnel Shell During Minsk Ceasefire Aftermath:
- RAW Battle of Marinka from DPR side:
- DPR Fighter from Texas on site aftermath Telmanove shelling, 6yo dead:

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Fit for Fun
Poroschenko son of a bitch
101st Airborne Division
Thats A Court Martialin.
Danny Edmonds
this is trumps buddy Putin at work
SerbBall Mapping
Blyat he dont have head
SerbBall Mapping
Christ Jim
No comment..........
Kitti Ritprasert
Every god please tell your kid to stop this.
Fabio Delli Paoli
this video is a very cruent but no war no war!!! the war is a fatal the world
cockroach funeral
Someone help our fellow country Ukraine we need more countries that would help it
Anthony Mann
I am a very proud american. Stars and stripes all the way. I would die for my country.
These innocent civilians were going on about thier day and were slaughtered. This place needs American intervention. We are fighting for sand in iraq. These people actually need us. Im so sorry this happens. If the guilty people are caught, dont take prisoners. Torture them. 1 tooth, 1 fingernail, 1 toenail, chop off 1 testical at a time. But stop the bleeding so they can come back to life and be tortured some more.
bono bono
Les hommes sont fous
Flipz Cold
I had never seen or thought about how much damage a mortar round would do, here is my answer...its sad and RIP to all the people , civilians who have lost their lives in war...its the easiest thing to pull the trigger when you cant see the victim and you are far away knowing death is coming from above, its the easiest thing to do in the world, but these cowards operate like that...i dont care about politics, its politics that has the world like this, poor poverty stricken bastards killing other poverty stricken bastards whom theyve never met or had beef with, all for some fucking assholes who have all the money in the world and tell their people its for theirnown good, for protection fucking ass, the only kind of wars i would fight would be a civil war or defending against a land invasion, a real threat that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with defending your homeland your family and your neighbours
Desi Parindey
Show this to war mongering people... Atleast they ll stop supporting war
Langga Baliw
Oh yeah., kill those sons of bitches
Christian Palado
Can’t we all get along.
jameson panesa
I just hope all humans die it's humiliating and embarrassing that we humans still exist.we already cause much damages to this beautiful world. Fuck humans. That's why aliens don't come down because they might be getting involved in humans extreme behavior.
Peter Hanch
Fucking islam piece of shit... wait, theyre christians.
rest in peace 😭. may Allah accept you in Jannah
its ectoplasm
May god judge us all according to our trespasses against eachother and unto him.
Виктор Комаров
В Порошенко нужно засадить серебряную пулю
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10 MOST BRUTAL MURDERS CAUGHT Ukraine War: 18+ RAW Civilians Bombed 5 months ago   06:47


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