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In SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, the long popular and controversial horror books for children is brought to frightening life on the big screen - unleashing the terrifying creatures from the books into the real world. Lean all about the monsters and their original appearances in the series, along with the tragic story of troubled spirit Sarah Bellows, as well as explaining the ending that sets things up for sequel.

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0:59 - If I recall correctly they used this particular ghost woman's appearance when the corpse that the "big toe" belonged to came looking for it in the movie. I thought one of the minor strengths of the movie was its attempt to "combine" elements from two or more stories in one scene in order to keep the fans of the books satisfied, without the amount of cameos from the stories seeming forced or anything.
Julie Davis
Like I said before @foundflix why can't u be here with me and all my films? Lol ur the best.
A Gilroy
If there is a sequel... less poop, please.
Nasir Simmons
Just imagine not being apart of a situation at all only for one of the main characters to talk to u about it rope u in and u die shit sounds tough
Is it just me or did the script for this movie sound really artificial? Idk it was a fun film but the dialogue kind of took away from the experience
Tj H
Thru the whole thing I kept thinking: "Sarah Bellows...Sarah Bellum...Cerebellum?"
In my elementary school, we had a windowless utility room for the elevator which was directly across the hallway from my third grade classroom. For Halloween, our teacher took us over into that room, sat us all in a circle around an electric lantern as our only light, and then let each of us read out loud one of the stories from her copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to the rest like we were members of the Midnight Society. It's one of my fondest memories from back then and I still love the creepiness of the original illustrations.
The Stop Gobber
Bro... is this for kids or not???
Geordan Salisbury
Hey the creepy house where they found the book is in my hometown of Petrolia Ontario
Talon Poppy
Personally I feel after watching this movie, that it would have probably benefited more to being an anthology film. Maybe along the lines of The Crypt Keeper or even Trick r Treat. Have a single story teller that can move to each story. May have had a lot cleaner ending than the one we got.
No cap
im going to see this movie next weekend O.O
I don't know how to change this profile
The trailers scared the sh*t outta me because I first saw them alone at night and sound up
yEEters pEters
In Soviet Russia you no read book, book reads you
chubnom Cosplay
If there will be a sequel I hope the story sam’s new pet will show up in the sequel
Im watching spoilers and i don't care
Roan Mcleod
I like watching foundflix, it explain more than other ones
this is the first movie of this guys channel that i actually watched before his ending explained lol
Aneya Lawson
YOUR DVD SHELVES LOOK LIKE MINE although my dad is transitioning to cases where it’s just the CDs in slots and 9 slots per page and hundreds of pages and no cases.
Johan Scheibelein
The sequel is a game called scribblenauts
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What's Your Most Terrifying SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK 1 day ago   15:27

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