Serbia Is Becoming Increasingly Dangerous MS-13's Active Members Are Laughing 1 day ago   05:56

Weekly protests in Serbia, against state-sanctioned political violence and a crackdown on media freedoms, are about to enter their third month. VICE News meets a Serbian journalist who recently survived an assassination attempt to hear how being a journalist and/or critic of the government has become more dangerous under president Vucic's regime.

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There is no freedom of press in Serbia nowadays,"
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Love to Serbia from Austria
Wolfy The Fox
Pls shut up...
televizor samsung
Марко Јаћимовић
Lopovi i jedni i drugi!
im serbian and i've been living in paris a really long time now and let me tell you,paris is WAYYY more dangerous than serbia,i cant go to school without having to stay alert so something doesnt happen to me
Eternity N
This is so wrong, Serbia is pretty safe.
Balkanski Yassuo
Vucicu Pederu mean Vucic gay tho
Serbia is really unsafe nobody should go there
Kosta LeClerc
Nobody hates Journalists in Serbia execpt Western propagandan News like vice bbc cnn and other shitty manipulating and fake western news networks and thats how it should be
Mmaholistic Mmaholistic
Serbia is not dangerous - what a bullsit news and propaganda-im from Poland and love Serbia and its people-i don't know what about are those protests -talking only about safety on the streets-Serbian people are wery welcoming and proud Nation
John Doe
Wow. Some Progressives I can actually get behind.
An An
Where exactly its dangerous. Man this fake news are very annoying.
Sylwek Matus
Niech żyje Serbia !!!! Brawo bracia !!! Braci się nie traci !!! Pozdrowienia z Polski ! Sława !!
Clyde ALB
🇷🇸Terrorists started ww1 and genocide unnarned civilians in Croatia Bosnia and Kosovo killed kids womens and old mans also sexual abused with womens 😠🖕🏼🇷🇸 hided dead bodies are still being found in Bosnia
Независност Републике Војводине Independence of the Republic of Vojvodina
"Vučiću lopove"
- Vice translation: Vučić get out
- Actual translation: Vučić thief
Ignore those liberals and uneducated protesters. They hate Serbia. They only want money. The president they want to put in power was already president and he fucked up. He let Kosovo gain some independence, he destroyed army. We are in currently greatest period since 2001. No real Serbian would go against its country. And by the way, those protesters are mostly masked Antifa teens who lack basic knowledge of politics.
kokan mokan
Vice news how much Americans pay you to talk this shit go now make documentary with American cops how they kill on the streets if is that freedom ???
Is there any country that doesnt like its president?
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MS-13's Active Members Are Laughing Serbia Is Becoming Increasingly Dangerous 1 day ago   11:30

MS-13 has long been known as one of the deadliest street gangs in the world, but under the Trump administration, the fight against this criminal network of mostly Salvadoran young men, many of whom are immigrants, has ramped up dramatically.

MS-13 (or Mara Salvatrucha) wasn’t created in El Salvador; it was born in Los Angeles in the 1980s, founded by refugees from El Salvador’s civil war. In the 1980s, many of those gang members were deported back to El Salvador, where they quickly took advantage of the war-torn nation.

Now, with the Trump administration vowing to eliminate the gang at all costs, VICE News gained rare access inside the MS-13 underworld in El Salvador as they are hunted by police and rival gangs. Members told VICE News that the rhetoric from the White House has struck a nerve and warned there will be deadly consequences to the crackdown.

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