Serbia Is Becoming Increasingly Dangerous Searching for Montenegro's Illegal Blast 2 days ago   05:56

Weekly protests in Serbia, against state-sanctioned political violence and a crackdown on media freedoms, are about to enter their third month. VICE News meets a Serbian journalist who recently survived an assassination attempt to hear how being a journalist and/or critic of the government has become more dangerous under president Vucic's regime.

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There is no freedom of press in Serbia nowadays,"
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luboss locoss
crazy slavic brothers and sisters fight for your rights to live free. us slavics have had enough of oppression and discomfort. time to live free lives
qifsha serbin
I go to Serbia each year for holidays to see my Mrs and i walk the streets at 3-4-5-6am and never ever had an issue. Serbia dangerous? You gotta be kidding me!
Dominic vlogs eclipse
I'm serbian to
Mudda Ficker
dirty serbians
Darkzz Lord
Not even one minute in and Vice have already shown why they're as untrustworthy as any other media platform these days."Vucicu pederu"-means "Vucic you fa**ot" not "Vucic get out".If you're already censoring words in the intro you guys are not worth it.
Mike Frick
First Ukraine then the other countries
Jim Cummings
Here in Canada anyone who beats a member of the parliament with a steel bar would be hunted by every police agency in the country. They'd all be arrested within a couple of days. Serbia's real problem is a corrupt, weak state and rogue police who work only for themselves.
Nenad Milanovic
First you bombard our country and than present us like savagest. Be ashamed.
Nenad Milanovic
This is bulshit. You should be ashamed of this video. Serbia is nothing like this.
Azra Transport
srbija se budi!
Александар Стојанчевић
Yeah , when those journalists only make posts about startles and famous people lifes , and reality shows.
Ne serite bre vise amerikanci vi ste nas sjebali hombama a sada se brinete, zlotvori jedni!!!
RajkoCg Montenegro
Slovensko proljeće !!Treba svi da se probude!Dodika Vučica I Djukanovica treba Svrgnuti !!!
1,000 subscribers with no videos f
I actually hope whoever's idea it is to make this DOcuMenTary gets fucking fired no way since you think this is okay aight let me just remind you that other bigger countries are worse lol k
pINc Wog
It’s dangerous for leftist globalist twats like the Vice who report propaganda based on your George Soros globalist agenda
Vice will always remain garbage
Bacon Hair
Not all the serbians are like that
Vučića se treba rješit, onda će se sve smirit
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Searching for Montenegro's Illegal Blast Serbia Is Becoming Increasingly Dangerous 2 days ago   17:01

At the Adriatic coast, Galeb Nikacevic discovers who, how and why is involved in blast fishing in Montenegro. When Alfred Nobel discovered dynamite in 1867, he probably did not even imagine that generations of fishermen in Montenegro would illegally fish with explosives, calling themselves Nobelties. Although blast fishing is illegal for its damage to the environment, but also harming people, this tradition is still alive. In the conflict between the class and preservation of environment, hidden is the story about this people who have made this phenomenon their way of life.

Blood Sport: Cockfighting in the Canary Islands:

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