US government shutdown stories get trending Furloughed EPA worker shares struggle 2 days ago   03:52

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The standoff over US President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall has escalated after Trump went on prime-time TV to insist that Congress fund the barrier. The Democrats' Congressional leaders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, accused Trump of manufacturing a crisis and stoking fear to divert attention from the turmoil in his administration. Of course, the standoff means the partial government shutdown goes on. Those affected are sharing their experiences on social media, using the hashtag #ShutdownStories.

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zita willingham
Oh come on go fund me pages they should have money put away for a rainy day like Trump said let them make arrangements like they always do tired of winning yet mega
Ajajielle Brown
Trump turned down the 25 billion DACA/wall deal and the 2.5
billion bipartisan deal (brokered by Pence) in December 2018
The immigration deal Trump should’ve taken, but didn’t
Republicans Can Reopen the Government With or Without
Trump-Instead, they’re ducking their duty.
Mitch McConnell Owns the Government Shutdown, Too
Cristina Uy
Its not about republicans and democrats its always about the people. Please end/stop the shutdown humbly and respectfully.💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖
Cristina Uy
Please humbly and respectfully sir senator Mitch McConnell and president Trump please end/stop the shutdown.
Alot of American people/families/services are suffering and affected sir.
Americans did vote for Trump.
Victoria J
Build the wall. I fully support Trump. Many of these government jobs should end anyways.
The USA is supposed to have a small government. Unfortunately, they keep creating more jobs for themselves.
Suzy Q
Meanwhile, last night 23 Central Americans burned the immigration office in Mexicali, Mexico.
Eric Zetterlund
Well, this is what Republican voters wanted, small government. Careful what you ask for
Enki Son Of Anu
What proof does he have that they are %100 backing him? Yet another Trump bullshit.
Colm Corbec
Meanwhile in the 3rd world, today the USA ^^
They should close the Pentagon.
Ophelia Bawles
The "adjustments" that people will have to make are adjusting to going hungry so their kids can eat, and living in their cars.
Trump yells at his staff if they are a few minutes late with his KFC but workers will just have to make "adjustments" for a while?
He's simply running the country like he did his casinos and building sites whenever it was inconvenient to pay his workers and contractors.
Dark Truth
It’s the Dems refusal to secure the border. There’s only 1 reason they won’t. They WANT illegals to make it in and vote illegally. Or for them to come in, get amnesty, and vote.

Then the Dems will keep them dependent on entitlement programs and have them vote democrat.
Saint Herculies
I'll can. Go two. Months. Without pay. Check...get the we can. Get. To. Work. CONGRESS. FLUP FLOPS
DW News
Do party leaders care about the ones affected by the government shutdown?
Tina Butterfly
Another Lie: "I can relate..."
Better show how the illegals immigrants, kills assault, steal etc sounds similar Germany?
Well, it’s unfortunate landing in the cross fire. But he must get his wall.......
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Furloughed EPA worker shares struggle US government shutdown stories get trending 2 days ago   02:43

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees who are without pay are beginning to feel the impact. Collectively, they're losing more than $1.4 billion a week. Adriana Diaz speaks to one EPA employee who said money for her family will run out Feb. 1.

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