Perfect Cheap Drift Car? Assembling The Engine For the 1000Hp Mr2 Build! 2 days ago   18:55

Hoonigan Project Cars
We'll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: Infiniti G35 sedans make a perfect affordable drift car. We're spicing this one's interior up a bit, and giving it some reinforcement in the suspension arm area with a Voodoo13 suspension arm kit. Will it survive the BurnYard??

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Hoonigan Project Cars
What are the first 3 modifications you do to your drift or track cars?
tommy d u b b s
Definitely putting in work
Caynn Fittler
The turd nugget
Its Over 9000
80s style graphics on the car with crazy bright colors or maybe 90 graphics. Suspension and wheels boom done
Luis Navarro
You done fd up ripping out that clock spring your gonna have issues with your sas on the steering wheel
Yong Yin
What kind of steering quick release is that?
3:34 Almost hit the nail on the head! lol. Worse than doing nothing is being actively annoying and putting other down to lift up your own fat ass. Kim Kardashian of the car world yall, lmao
Hoon saloon
Nathan Ray
*STUPID VIDEO SUGGESTION* Put a big ass mirror on the hood so all you can see is what's behind you. Then change up the steering so you turn left to go right and right to go left. (Or as Brad would call it) Give it agminated steering. Then take the car for a drive in reverse and see just how difficult or not difficult it is to drive.
Sean Remmen
Hey Dan,
Is there any way you or Kyle or someone at Hoonigan can upload the file you made for the seat bracket please?

I bought a g35 sedan, The “Drift35” a month ago ($1,100!) and just bought a ProCar seat last week, and would rather make my own seat bracket than pay $140+ for one.

I love that you guys are building the G finally! Giving me so much motivation and inspiration!! Bought a coupe parts car too, and pulled the 6speed and VLSD last weekend out of it.
Hitting up Vegas Drift event on the 29th this month for a little shakedown with the new LSD. Hopefully get my seat mounted before then as well.
Would really appreciate the hook up on the file!
If you can email it that would be amazing too!
[email protected]

Shane Biri
Paint it honigreen.
J P Williams
It's the Driftfiniti...
Robert Russo
How about: Oh-G35!
Justin Ruiz
@12:50 : I know dan was going "bap bap bap" lmao.
jasher 209
Dark metallic purple with a silver mix
Ken Overway
iconik 2333
man awesome i have a 2001 white gmc sonoma v6 swb slammed would love for yall to do it up hoonigan style....
Colton Kruse
Dirty G. Leave the paint as is.
Fly me out there let me paint the car I got an idea for a paint job check out my Ig : bk1.drift
john moser
Ran out of wire... sounds familiar
Why didn't you just Tig weld them rails
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Assembling The Engine For the 1000Hp Mr2 Build! Perfect Cheap Drift Car? 2 days ago   19:33

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