Michel Barnier met with May’s Trump 'not happy' with 2 days ago   02:25

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EU Chief negotiator Michel Barnier visited last night with Theresa May’s third #Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay. Barnier insisted the EU’s fundamental position on the Withdrawal Agreement has not changed.

Méabh McMahon (@brusselsness) gets us up-to-date.

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Terry Moore
And another groundhog set of discussions but with a third negotiator.
Deep Perception
Brexit is not about EU. It is about how to get deals with countries out of EU, instead of lying under the protection framwork of EU.
MSW 2015
Leave means leave. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 351,448 MBGA
Three brexit secretaries in 9 months; I just hope M. Barnier isn´t confused too easily. But what are these people doing in Bruxelles? (repeating themselves)
They all have better things to do. It´s either this deal or no deal. Prepare for no deal like Rees- Mog and farage did already.
Brexit should be completed without delay anymore to protect the EU from Muslims from Africa and Middle East.
Life and Money
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Trump 'not happy' with Michel Barnier met with May’s 2 days ago   07:47

President Donald Trump voiced displeasure at a border security deal struck by congressional negotiators, hinting it may not meet his requirements for constructing a wall. #CNN #News

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