Kylie Jenner's Sisters MAKE Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens 1 day ago   03:19

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Kylie Jenner and her momager, Kris Jenner, open up on the season premiere of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' airing Monday, Sept. 9.

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champagne papi
I wish i had this problem
Jen M
You mean to tell me she would still be a billionaire if she wasn't related to the Kardashians?? Self made! Please!
Keo X
everyone’s hating on her just for being wealthy, not even considering the fact that she’s a genuinely decent girl. Grow up
Drinakasity Fl
She really ruined her face with all that surgery. She can’t even smile anymore and has zero personality. Ugh. It’s so sad to watch idc how much money she has. She seems so empty and sad tbh
Brittany Cuesta
Imagine growing up in money and being rich your whole life and not even knowing the definition of “self made”
Calverton Roberts
They still telling that lie
lets be true, she's really kind and sweet (deserves all of those billions). but she's dumb, making those skincare products. no hate, but uh, (iluvher just saying) :>
Atlanta Baruah
hoes mad
It is Javi
She had money saved up. When they say money we are talking about thousands. That she saved. Money that was handed to her. Her father already had money. She came from a middle class family. She then invested in Kylie Cosmetics taking a risk like most millionaires do. Self made? No way... She would have to be from the bottom working and saving her hard work earned money, and then take that huge risk of launching kylie cosmetics and being successful. So much so that she became a billionaire. That is self made... They have it all wrong. Smh
the frig
cant some of yall really not be DUCKING*** NEGATIVE 😒n speak about the good terms KYLIE has n does.jealous idiots
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Lmao 😂
Suesan Darabian
This reminds me of that episode that she was trying to get Chris and her dad’s attention to look at her photos but they kept saying her sister Kendall was a better model
barney rubble
The only reason I'm here is to plead with people stop watching these no talent idiots who are famous for ??? Being on TV because everyone keeps watching them . Stop the madness .
Queen Reme
Question so u have to be stinky rich to be self made disgusting even if her sisters opened the door she used it right and made herself who she is today
Queen Reme
All you people saying that her family gave her the money that disgusting like her family made people buy her make up so bill gates wasn’t poor but look at him now u don’t have to be poor to be self made
Maybe she can invest in fixing Khloe’s ugly mug but I don’t think a billion would be enough
Flac Tha Doc
Yea she paved her own way at the same time was blessed wit a family that already had its own success she was able to thrive off of and branch off and do her own thing so in reality she aint get it out the mud with nothing when she started with something i respect her hustle tho but majority of us didnt have the opportunities she was gifted with just sayin
Bvelascooo YouTube
She’s got that pregnant face
Wasted Talent
The biggest joke is KUWTK has been on since 2007.
Bob Boob
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Kylie Jenner's Sisters MAKE 1 day ago   05:25

In her first TV interview since marrying Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas opened up about their multiple wedding celebrations, how Nick made the first move by slipping into her DMs, and Ellen found really old footage proving Priyanka’s longtime admiration for her now husband.


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