Learn Common words with Pororo Season 6 | #05 Loopy's Camping 2 days ago   18:17

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Best Toddler Learning Videos for Kids Learn Colors Counting Words with Pororo Toy Dollhouse and Bus! Two of our best Pororo the Little Penguin videos for Toddlers! First, In this preschool learning video for toddlers and kids, let's play with toy Genevieve and Pororo the Little Penguin in his cute toy dollhouse! Pororo's toy house is one of the best and cutest dollhouse's we've ever seen; it has tons of accessories to help kids learn common household object words and spellings, as well as what they are used for. We will also help toddlers and preschoolers learn colors and counting as well! Then let's play with Pororo the Little Penguin's toy school bus that transforms into a super fun playground! These bright and colorful toys are great for preschool age children to play with, and are educational as well!

0:00 - Learn Common Words with Pororo's house
10:06 - Learn Colors and Numbers with Pororo's bus
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Pororo Season 6 | #05 Loopy's Camping Learn Common words with 2 days ago   59:27

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The friends are going camping. They start hiking with their backpacks, but Loopy has a hard time keeping up. The others try to be considerate, but Loopy’s still having trouble. Soon, they come across a stream with a log bridge. Afraid, Loopy ends up falling and takes everyone down with her. Loopy feels terrible. Finally, they arrive at the campsite. Loopy wants to repay everyone’s kindness by cooking something delicious for them. But, all the food they brought got damaged when they fell into the water. Loopy feels so guilty, she volunteers to go on her own to look for food in the forest…

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