Could Your Phone Hurt 5 People Who Claim to be Time Travelers 1 day ago   08:43

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Electricity is all around us, all the time. It makes our lives easier, safer, more fun and most of us never think about it. But is there such a thing as too much electricity? Electronic devices emit an electromagnetic field, which is suspected to cause cancer. We read countless sources on this topic to summarize the results of the latest research for you.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Emil Machyniak
That Sharknado reference .
N. cloud
Collin Nichols
Could you possibly make your next video "the possible structure of area 51"?
jem ceevee
Me from so concerned to awww dashlane.... Smh...
Z Phish
Wifi can kill house plants within a few months, but is safe for humans? I don't buy it.. I'd be more concerned with the upcoming 5g.
n. kelati
now i can safely sleep with my microwave in bed next to me, thank you Kurzgesagt
Emiliano Heyns
I am pretty disappointed by this one. The "argument" amounts to whataboutism. "can phones hurt you? Here's some things you should also be worried about!" WHO CARES. The science currently says "no" to the "problem" of electrosmog, and that should be the message. It's not that other things are *more* harmful. The other things have nothing to do with the validity of electrosmog claims.
Shayan Islam
Well, it happened. . . they finally turned to advertisers :(
Me: nice video
Phone: (reloads the gun) he knows too much
Ilia Morshed
make a video about the 5G problem. tnx!
Zdeněk Šmejkal
Like for Porygon
Triple B
The captions look so tron and futuristic. I love it!
WE DON'T CARE IF IT WAS HARD TO RESEARCH KURZGESAGT, WE JUST CARE IF IT IS TRUE. Get over yourself (and come back to hugs and your original format).
Hoshigaki Kisame
and what the fuck is dashline?? so you guys want us to pay money to application to know all our passwords iu is just omegalul
guys i have an idea lets make an app so we can collect every fucking single passowrd in the world we can sell them easily or use it of course and someone try to blame us we said hacker its genius we also make money from it hahahahaa i am sorry but guys it wont work noone will download this app
Hoshigaki Kisame
what about base stations and micro waves around us this is the most bias video you guys had ever made i would even say your channel may be well paid for this video some german electrcity companys even tell people sick who thought about micro waves radition might be harmfull
Karl Angelo
When you hear him say "BUT", things gets scary after.
Misha Podolyan
Спасибо большое за видео, теперь будет чем опровергать ересь от некоторых знакомых
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5 People Who Claim to be Time Travelers Could Your Phone Hurt 1 day ago   10:08

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