How has Pompeo's visit gone down Hungary's Foreign Minister on Russia, 2 days ago   01:34

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has kicked off his central European tour as the US is trying to counter Russian and Chinese influence in the region.

For more on Pompeo's visit we talk with our correspondent Beatrix Asboth in Budapest

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Hendrawan Jaya
Hungary is smart plyer
mit p
President pompei wants to stump his foot down and make sure all are in line or else sanctions are coming.
Sermsak Songsiridej
Too little too late. US has a lot of grounds to cover, not only in Eastern Europe, but also in Central Asia, Africa and South America. Resourcewise, this is almost impossible.
Neutral is very wise, unlike one of hungary's neighbors who kept got beaten up by other people but still don't learn.
sangy helbarn
It takes sometime, some effort to let Hungary to realize the national security is far more important than the gas.
grimm reaper
what uncle sam has to offer hungary? nothing. there's no money in the waning days of the American empire. perhaps send in the nato goons to cause a bit of problem for the hungarian government. it's all about trade with china and Russia, common folks making a living.
What a lousy reporting!!
Putin Vladimir
"The once powerful, ruthless and frightening Empire is now jumping around like a dog infected with rage; he is drooling, barking noisily, his aggression is rigid between his legs"

Europe, North America and their allies (accomplices of crime) should simply sit on their hips, cry and throw ash on their heads, for the shame and pain of the horrors that have crossed our planet, for several centuries.
The West has absolutely zero moral mandate to tell any country in the world how to behave. The world, despite the systematic brainwashing, is starting to make it happen.

If the West continues to persecute its previous and present victims, things will backfire.
Russia Uncensored
I am currently writing a book called Millennial in the White House. It's about me....if I were president and my signature foreign policy move would be "pivot to East Europe". It's sad to see Hungary send Viktor Orban to the EU and proclaim Hungary to be an anti-communist country. Then Hungary strengthens it's ties with the communists. East Europe needs a lot more attention(especially Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova) and I seem to be the only person in the west who understands this in the long game against Russia.
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Hungary's Foreign Minister on Russia, How has Pompeo's visit gone down 2 days ago   04:39

James O'Brien speaks to the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó about Donald Trump and Russia - and what he thinks of Brexit.

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