Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains 1 day ago   03:50

The science buried under the pseudoscience.

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Mars photography by Tunç Tezel:
Mars visualization from Nooch 86:
Solar system orbits via Michael Van Daniker, Andrew Lund, and the Astronomy Workshop of Douglas Hamilton at U. Maryland
Ptolemaic system vsualizer via Nebraka Astronomy Applet Project:
Retrograde motion visualizer via MHeducation: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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If you google "If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel" you'll find a website that gives you a pretty good idea of the real scale of the solar system.
fire philosopher
also this video simply adheres to the 'quantitative only' point of view. everything is just measurable quantities and nothing actually has any meaning. yes it is an 'illusion' to us, mercury does not actually go backwards in its orbit. but the deeper truth is that from our perspective it appears to go backwards and this appearance or 'illusion' based on our perspective (are there any phenomena we experience that do NOT depend on our perspective?) has actual effects on us. the 'illusions' of phenomena created by our perspective have very real effects. your perspective and your relationship to it determine what you experience, what you sense, and how you interact with it, what effects take place.
fire philosopher
no one who has sincerely investigated what astrology actually is (not pop / commercial / horoscope b.s.), taken the time to learn the what the symbols in astrology actually represent, and then observed it daily for a significant period of time, would deny that it is in fact real. i don't see why it's a stretch to see that there are also 'laws' governing the cycles of thought, feeling, and the themes of what is happening in our lives. there are cycles behind *why* we are thinking and feeling in a particular way, about particular things, at particular times, and having certain types of experiences that deal with certain areas of life at a particular time. there is something there that we are INTERACTING with.

those who discredit astrology are simply admitting to their own ignorance of what astrology actually represents, and their own lack of awareness of what is taking place inside of themselves, a lack of deeper reflection and introspection. the true test is in observing it for yourself over a period of time in an impartial way, suspending any judgment you might have acquired previously (you know, actually being *scientific* about it). learn what the symbols of astrology mean (the planets, signs, and houses), gain a basic knowledge of these symbols as they appear in your own natal chart, and then just watch and observe daily the current positions of the planets and how they are interfacing with your natal chart, which part of your natal chart they are currently moving through (transiting). just watch, observe, take note of, and *pay attention* to your experience, to what you are thinking and feeling from day to day and what is going on in your life. let it speak for itself. absolutely anyone can do this, but few people will, and it's a shame that more don't because this knowledge is actually priceless. it is an absolute goldmine of information on your life that so many dismiss simply out of prejudice, not because they truly investigated it for themselves. for people that have, they know it would be madness to deny what is so plainly obvious.
Spider Guy
When you play Kerbal Space Program so you already know what retrograde means
Damn the vox narrator is hot.
Mojo Jojo
but then why did she leave me
Astrology and modern mathematics came into the public at the same time, hand in hand. Check your history.
so why do communications, travels and electronics go nuts when Mercury passes by Earth? Looking forward to science explaining that one day, maybe a new Kopernicus will shift paradigm again and then we will know how to deal with this problem.
also, great image. If you just focus on the Earth and Mercury it really looks like it's going backwards.
Wow wow wow. What an analogy. Beautiful
At 2.21 you talk about '' fixed stars '' ! I don't know of any fixed stars, they all move across the celestial sphere, right?
Jorge Moreira
By watching this video, which very well explained, I found it unpleasant to reduce the weight of Astrology. In the first place it is not because Mercury is retrograde that it will cause a coffee mug to fall, that is the stupidest thing that exists. What is in fact notorious is that, in times of retrogradation of a planet, what it means astrologically, changes negatively. People have not yet understood that Astrology is seen in its empirical form and that its knowledge is based on the movements of the planets and what happens on Earth. Just as someone becomes more depressed because their life has complicated or slowed down in a certain way. But it became more joyful, when it came to a certain understanding and natural harmony. By the way, Claudius Ptolemaeus is a God in Astrological Matter.
nelson tavarez
Loreta Aquino
Is it me that it says Merciry but she discusses about Mars retrogade then she says Mercury again.... Honey I think you're the one who's retrogade...
I was worried for a second, Earth and Venus would crash. Thnaks for clearing that up :)
Harumph, or Who's been rubbing your lamp?
leave it vox... somehow manages to be both condescending and entirely unhelpful at the same time... y'all suck, vox
DJ Wang
Amazing Job!
Carol E Mankin
This is amazing and it helps me to understand about the mercury retrograde! Thank you for sharing your video with us. I am in love with astrology and following few astrologer such as #RaquelSpringAstrology for the information they provide. You must watch the video by her on astrology and I bet you will always follow her, for her incredible online videos on astrology!
th4t gi
3:29 - Vox Observatory should make a scaled poster of our solar system. I would totally buy it
Damn! You did such an incredible job of explaining something that, isn’t necessarily the easiest concept to grasp, in simple enough terms that I can get it.
It’s Me
Thank you for someone bringing science rather than the astrology nuts 😂. They all sound like they’re in a cult
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Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT 1 day ago   13:17

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