The "Forgotten War" between Russian-backed Syria: The battle for Idlib explained 9 months ago   02:55

CBS Evening News
Ahead of Vladimir Putin's inauguration, Russia staged a parade in Moscow's Red Square. Some of the weapons on display are likely being used in the so-called "Forgotten War" between Russia and Ukraine. CBS News correspondent Holly Williams reports.

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Eugene Kay
Do it
george mcelroy
But America is unable to protect it's own border.
Wanda Rebiejo
1:30 HOTTIE ALERT!!!!!!!
Raymond Woodard
200 their so in debt
Why did all the Jews swop teams? America has 89 Jewish Senators and Ukrains has over 50 Jewish Parliamentarians including a Jewish President........... whatever the team the Jews are on go against, never trust shape shifters. The Soviet Union was 85% Jewish and now it collpased so the Jews are on another Union called the E.U hahahaha and everyone thinks the Jews are the Good guys WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH GO PUTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yurii Cherkasov
Wish Ukraine defeat the enemy. I'm Russian if any
Jesus Christ is Salvation
America should just declare war on Russia
Fairfax _Fran510
Russia caught with they hand in the cookie jar but dont want to admit it
Combat Bananas
Out there showing off the goods with those cold weather leggins, whistle.
The title of the movie fragment is misleading. It is not "russian-backed forces" but rather russian forces who pretend to be some "rag-tag rebel force". We captured so many of them using latest available russian equipment so it is hardly a "rebel force", it is time to drop the facade.
nich p
america on russias doorstep and russia is being aggressive lol and im brit from london not russian.
nich p
when did usa become ally of ukraine hahahhahahhahahhahahahhhahah what terrorists america is.
Putin khuylo! lalalalalala
donovan bonne
Good for Russia, defeat the Ukrainian Nazis
WW3 2020 !!!!!!
John B
Ukraine needs to dig tunnels under Russian bases in Ukraine and plant massive explosives under it. Then detonate tem like what was done in WWI. The only thing Putin understands is strenght. The higher the price the Russians pay the sooner it will be over.
james mcbride
All for indebtment. The gas lines from Russia-Syria that supply Europe, and Turkey-Balkans former Yugoslavia. Poroshenko wants to buy more usa arms as he gets shares-cash payoffs for buying them. My wifes uncle was in Polish Navy he said most Ukrainains want closer ties to Russia less debt, cheaper gas, more work as usa economic model is centralised computerised macro-economics. western expansionism has caused this, 1989 the Russians withdrew from Berlin, on provision no nato-imf-eu- eu army in the former buffer zone that was under Russian control post ww2 as during that conflict over 30million Russians-soviet union ppl perished. It is totally to blame Russia.
Kit Carr
Conveniently forgets to mention that the US backed an illegal regime change in Ukraine to overthrow the elected government !
Of course there's 'russian's' fighting in Donbass ... for heaven's sake MOST OF THE POPULATION OF THE DONBASS ARE ETHNIC RUSSIANS and surely they have the perfect right to fight for their own survival ????
King Jerry Coleman IV
Lol if us and Ukrainian tempt Russia.... The whole of Ukraine will be taking
meanwhile, TRUMP is Putin main SUKI aka BEAAAAAAAHTCH
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Syria: The battle for Idlib explained The "Forgotten War" between Russian-backed 9 months ago   04:36

Why the city of Idlib could spell the end of the Syrian war.

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Idlib is the last rebel-held stronghold of the Syrian war.

The 90,000 rebels (20,000 of them extremist jihadis - Assad's regime refuses to differentiate) were expecting an offensive by the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian and Iranian allies to start, but it has been postponed after Russia and Turkey agreed to establish a demilitarised zone around the province.

Postponed being the operative word.

Here Newsnight's Mike Thomson explains why the battle for Idlib is so significant.

Graphics: Stelios Thoukidides

Newsnight is the BBC's flagship news and current affairs TV programme - with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.


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