5 Russell Westbrook TRADE Scenarios NBA MVP Odds For The 2019-20 Season Feat. 1 day ago   14:23

Nick Smith NBA
Here are 5 Russell Westbrook TRADE Scenarios. Could Russell Westbrook be the newest member of the Miami Heat?
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Nick Smith NBA
Let me know where you think Russell Westbrook will end up! If you have a TRADE PROPOSAL, let me hear it!
Hope y'all enjoy the video! Thanks for your support recently!

T_T-air 39
Westbrook please go in the best team: lakers
Who’s watching this after Westbrook was traded to the Rockets
Brett Tastad
Well it did happen that Westbrook go to the Houston rockets but the rockets got just rid of CP3 and couple of first round picks
EXT golden
>Westbrook to the Rockets
"Do I think this one is gonna happen? Probably not."
*Few days later*
>BREAKING: Westbrook traded to Rockets, Thunder get CP3 and first round picks
kid the Ridge
He just got traded to the rockets
Yup just signed with the houston Rockets😯
LeBeutiful Jackalyn
The rockets will forsure get him
Russell to LA Lakers
Chris hotrod
Bryan White
You’re a Heat fan but didn’t know they traded Olynyk and Jones Jr in the deal to get Butler🙃
David Johnson
Russell Westbrook is statically the best the N.B.A has. Hes just a head case yeah I said it everyone thinks it. I dont care who you pair with a headcase the result is more than likely going to be failure. OKC is to blame because they created this monster and not a single veteran player ever took Russ under there wing and taught him some humility. Humility cures all and RUSS IS VERY VERY SICK.
Bloody Religion
Sebastiaan haverhals
Join the Lakers russel please
D_Money BeastMode
Great scenarios now i can feel good being a Miami fan
_franky.mata_ on Instagram
Russ to Miami plzzzz
L Morgan
Same thing with Houston but both stars have no where to go. Well Paul doesn’t
L Morgan
Who says Paul quit on Russ; this could be because okc made no moves to improve with all the free agents no one wants to play in okc except Westbrook which is why I think he asked for a trade after both stars had this planned and talked in my opinion. Notice he wants to go to the heat or LA
Switch out
It’s russel bc he wants to be in the spotlight a lot like how he gets triple doubles that’s only bc Steve Adams and his other teammates lets him I mean he’s a god at double doubles but russel only gets triple doubles bc his teammates let’s him get the rebounds don’t believe me just watch a vid of him getting a triple double and u will see

P.s I’m not hating on him just saying facts
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NBA MVP Odds For The 2019-20 Season Feat. 5 Russell Westbrook TRADE Scenarios 1 day ago   19:43

Giannis Antetokounmpo won the 2019 NBA MVP award, but who will be the MVP in 2020? The latest odds on the 2020 NBA MVP are out and the players most likely to win the award are Giannis, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard. NBA Now hosts Tom Downey and Jimmy Crowther take a look at the latest NBA MVP Odds and point out some of the best bets.

Giannis, Steph Curry, Kawhi, Harden and LeBron being at the top isn’t a major surprise. Those are some of the best players in the NBA and they’ve all won an MVP (or Finals MVP). But they aren’t the only top threats; there’s Anthony Davis as well, who is one of the six players with better than 10:1 odds.

Paul George and Joel Embiid have the same odds. Outside the Top 10, sleepers like Luka Doncic, Karl-Anthony Towns, Nikola Jokic and Kyrie Irving highlight the list.

Here’s the full list of 2019-20 NBA MVP Odds:
#15 Kemba Walker (G, Celtics): +6,600
#14 Luka Doncic (F/G, Mavericks): +5,000
#13 Kyrie Irving (G, Nets): +3,000
#12 Damian Lillard (G, Trail Blazers): +2,800
#11 Karl-Anthony Towns (C, T'Wolves): +2,200
#10 Nikola Jokic (C, Nuggets): +2,000
T-7 Paul George (F, Clippers): +1,400
T-7 Joel Embiid (F/C, 76ers): +1,400
#6 Anthony Davis (F/C, Lakers): +800
#5 LeBron James (F, Lakers): +700
#4 James Harden (G, Rockets): +700
#3 Kawhi Leonard (F, Clippers): +650
#2 Stephen Curry (G, Warriors): +500
#1 Giannis Antetokounmpo (F, Bucks): +270

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