15 Most EXPENSIVE and EXCLUSIVE abandoned Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts In The World 2 days ago   14:46

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Owning a luxury car is a status symbol. It tells the world you have wealth and taste, and you're not afraid to show it! The world's rarest, most exclusive and most expensive cars are traded for more money than most of us pay for our homes. When you've made such an investment in a vehicle, the idea that you'd walk away and leave it behind one day seems crazy, but it happens much more often than you'd imagine. There are many reasons someone might abandon a luxury car, so let's find out the stories behind some of the most astonishing abandoned vehicles we've ever seen.

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Nathan Cao
9:27 did this man just say "Rey-knot" its "Ren-owe"
That's not a Ferrari
scott paul
is there any one that i would be able to talk to about the formula 1 cars in france in the abandoned area if you can get me any info on them i would be grateful if u can get back to me at 413 7776183
The only reason I watch these videos is because they are so full of s**t it's funny. PLUS the comments section is HILARIOUS!!
Surely the narrator said "Are you sure the Diablo was built in 1900?" How dumb would you have to be? For reference, the Model T Ford was released in 1908.
Trex_ _Sam
i have a lamborgini diablo sv 1999
at least my step father does
he made 2 by his self for only 13000 and it was exsacly like the origanial
Bielefred _HD
The story about the bugatti is partly incorrect
gijs klanker
This video is so bad.
there is no actual dream cars here. At least JDM cars are used today i dont like this channel if they dont incude JDM cars
Matthew Hayes
The diablo is not just any diablo it’s a diablo GT
That F50 belonged to that Nigerian prince that always wanted to send you money through email
Every car enthusiast like here

Siavash Sk
Dytona is fake 2 diablo is just dirty f50 fake wtf R u talking about
Ahmed Magdy
I want one for free

Serge Leblanc
11:21 "A Chrysler from 1901 is probably the most fantastic find." I guess it would be considering the company was founded only in 1925!
Dale Duree
There's more kit cars on here then real cars when it comes to Ferraris.
front end of that diablo is not right
Landrover Lover166
I'm sooooo glad the Land Rover's had a happy ending (clue in my name)
Kinfolk Kinfolk
All cars will become junk one day..
Carlos Zamora
Not really about the Shelby GT500 It can still be renewed. I met a guy that the had a 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air and he told me that it was parked the same time as the GT500, 20 years and it got renewed by him.
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Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts In The World 15 Most EXPENSIVE and EXCLUSIVE abandoned 2 days ago   13:01

These mega yachts will make your jaw drop. Only the world's wealthiest billionaires can afford these masterpieces.

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10 Most Expensive Yachts In The World

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