UFC 237: Jessica Andrade and Rose Todas as encaradas da Pesagem do UFC 237 1 day ago   04:24

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Catch what Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas had to say after their main event title fight at UFC 237!

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Comments 3723 Comments

Forbidden Truth
Fucking fluke if not for that bad slam Rose would of knocked her azz out or won by decision
Adeel Ali
thug rose all day 🌹
hussein hussein
I got to give it to Brazil, they showed Rose a lot of respect. Congrats to Andrade, an amazing fighter and now champion.

Still rooting for Colby though.
Zaldivar Diego
She´s a good model. Seriosly.
techspin2370 -
Steroids by knockout
Don Brock
Jessica was loosing and won by a slam, there should be a rematch. Rose has better stand up and could find a reply for the slam potential. Rose is amazing! She would have won.
AyeP Weakly
Dude really 🤔
Rose is the best ! OK :P
pork n beans
Aidan Selvidge
That coach holding that belt like he’s the shit lol
gary ramswell
Juiced to the balls
Rudy Cruz
Juice champ for sure...
Learn to speak English. All I hear is burrito burrito With cheese burrito taco more taco Burrito
Col Iin
I hate the new belt
Mammie Barry
im suicidal
this proves that being cocky or not does not effect the fight rose and joanna
Ted Cleveland
Now I hope she’s not scared of going out of her house
I don’t care what anyone says. That’s not a natural woman. That’s a man who became a woman.
Fucking cheaters. Rose is the true champion.
Evan Uthus
People are way off about Rose. She's not mentally weak. She's certainly emotional but she's an absolute perfectionist who puts everything into her craft. She's one of those people who would set out to learn a new move in bjj or correct an issue, and if she failed she would try again and again getting more and more serious as if the whole world was riding on her getting the move and she would do it over and over with all of her effort until she either got it or until she was crying out of frustration. Virtually no one at this level of athletics will invest emotionally every practice every roll every spar in every little thing demanding perfection because it just wears you down and makes you miserable, since nothing is ever enough. It takes a special kind of crazy to be Rose, and if she sticks at it with that intensity, proper coaching and management she will keep improving until she is one of the most technically skilled mma fighters of all time
God -
All these ass kissers, she lost yet Youre all still saying shes the best. Pathetic
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Todas as encaradas da Pesagem do UFC 237 UFC 237: Jessica Andrade and Rose 1 day ago   02:21

Veja as encaradas de todas as lutas dos cards preliminar e principal do UFC 237. Evento acontece nesse sábado (11), no Rio de Janeiro.

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