MMA Community Reacts to vicious SLAM Todas as encaradas da Pesagem do UFC 237 1 day ago   12:17

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UFC 237 Results,

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Rose took that like a champ.
Adam Sizemore
Hay. Focus or get out of the octagon.
Such moves must be prohibited.
In my opinion, this has nothing to do with Budo Sport.
For me it's the attempted murder
What would have happened if Rose had died?
Jessica was a MAN who became a woman. UFC needs to DNA test instead of drug test.
Rose was eating her up before the throw.
well... if Rose dont get a re-match it is a golden oportunity for Joanna
dein Vater
i knew rose would gonna lose.. hate her fake wannabe psychopath cold eyes rory mcdonald look. Thats what you got for beein so "thug" now she dont want to fight anymore after her first lose in a while. I dont see the champion spirit in her
Josse Mir
Ha ha ha, brazilian MMA fans never say "Thanks God" fools. They teaches all fighter of the world how to fight.
Twon Watson
smh BJ please stop fighting
Hep Vet
Man Steroids work well.
The Onats
These competitors better wake up and have all uncontrolled slams like this made illegal. There is a reason why in wrestling that if you take your opponent off the mat into the air, it is your responsibility to return them safely to the mat or you are disqualified. The reason is called a broken neck. Other reasons are death, paralysis, brain damage. The brain damage they are incurring is bad enough with those light gloves...many will have terrible lives as they age, but being a quadriplegic is an immediate reality that nobody wants to see.
Jason Clark
I don't know if Rose wants to be champion again or even fight for a while
rick james
She didn't want it any more
D king
I hope rose comes back stronger cause that slam caused a trauma i feel
Kevin Walker
Wow just happy to pay my house off? What a lame little winging bitch. Pathetic.
Roman Jansen
Rose... Good on you. Do whatever feels good
igor amidovitch
Rematch !!!!!
Scott Hilliard
If J.A. isn't juicing, she might as well be, looks like a dude, an ugly one at that.
Nicolas Ruvalcaba
There's a difference between having a dominant performance and getting lucky that your opponent made a mistake. C'mon everybody knows that Rose would starch Jessica 9 outta 10 times..
Big Ern Mahkracken
You pussy Rose.. 😬
Verga.... casi la MATA.
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Todas as encaradas da Pesagem do UFC 237 MMA Community Reacts to vicious SLAM 1 day ago   02:21

Veja as encaradas de todas as lutas dos cards preliminar e principal do UFC 237. Evento acontece nesse sábado (11), no Rio de Janeiro.

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