MMA Community Reacts to vicious SLAM Rose Namajunas & Michelle Waterson 2 days ago   12:17

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UFC 237 Results,

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Stn Sg
And that pile driver is dedicated to you, dear Dom Cruz!
Rose got that Bald head cleaned!
editors TbS13
Eric Abinoha
Was it legal?
Terrance Johnson
Need she seem to strong for that woman’s division
Terrance Johnson
That shouldn’t allow that
Jonah Marquis
Music is fucking terrible....
Rose... she has this beautiful energy about her. Love watching her grow as a fighter. Her standup game and footwork are on another level. Dom was clearly impressed, and I consider him a standup genius. He did get that slam wrong, however. The kimura position actually made things worse.

Anyway... as a former dabbler in martial arts, there is absolutely nothing that scares me more than slams--especially pile drivers. Especially in street situations. It's unbelievable that her neck wasn't broken. Same with Randalman's insane Fedor slam.

As an old guy with 15 herniated discs, I don't blame Rose if she moves on. She's a force of nature and should be proud of her accomplishments. She'll always be a winner, and I hope she knows that.
Roy A Villa
Una guava
lol prodigy
The neck slam should be illegal but its not so GG IG
Tj T
Rose was far the better fighter between the two but that lift and slam on her like that should be banned. . But glad Rose is ok
Rose even loses beautifully!!
Kevin Lausier
You can clearly see by the capped shoulders and thickness this chick is or has been on gear. The way this is going in the women’s division there needs to be better testing done. Just because she passed at the time of the fight it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how she got that way.
Andrew Cruz
Rose is a sore loser, straight up .
Joel Gutierrez
That chick, Andrade looks too much like a dude... almost transgender looking... like testosterone injecting type tranny...
Was Jessica born z man? I'm being serious
izzy 706
The Brazilians are steroid experiments...
Rose took that like a champ.
Adam Sizemore
Hay. Focus or get out of the octagon.
Wilhelm Frankl
Such moves must be prohibited.
In my opinion, this has nothing to do with Budo Sport.
For me it's the attempted murder
What would have happened if Rose had died?
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Rose Namajunas & Michelle Waterson MMA Community Reacts to vicious SLAM 2 days ago   15:04

UFC Females Fight

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