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Official music video for “Kids Turned Out Fine” by A$AP Rocky
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Kids are kids, understand
Out late, going crazy, kids innocent
Kids are kids, understand
Out late, going crazy, kids innocent
The girls just want fun
The boys we make noise
The girls kiss the girls
I thank God (aah)
The kids will be alright
Just fine
I heard about all of the long trials in life
All the drugs on my mind
All the troubles I can find
Still I smile
The kids will be alright
Just fine
All the colors are alive
No longer black or white

#ASAPRocky #KidsTurnedOutFine #Rap

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Queen Gabbi
The kids definitely turned out fine. Love this song ♎❤️
Phillip Alvarado
I’m tripping balls
Katelynn Trevino
this song is the def of acid. it sounds like you would here it while tripping
Shockwave Jones
Go pick cocoa beans🤣
Brimstone Sternklev
Yo i just had to go and search one of your songs to tell you i wish you good luck from Sweden. What happened is fkd up. Be strong dude
Andrea Galindo
This is such a vibe ✨
Kitto Hope
the guitar riff is by Good Morning - Dont come home today.
thank me later :)
phil osophical
How many pedophiles like this vermin trash
phil osophical
What pathetic music.
how many dead brain cells in the heads that made this rot answer: about five.
randy marsh
'..what I've seen
What's happened
What use to happen

What doesn't happen
What's gonna happen
Like that's what this really is all about.'

*hits harder when you really know what he mean...*
Sativa _2_Trippy
I fucking love this shit right here... Cant stop listening to it
Andre Jogos
Love you so much, Asap Rocky, since i was a kid, hope oneday my dream will come true '' meet yourself'' love from Mozambique
Женя Малевинский
Год уже ничего не юзаю, даже травку не курю. Но после этого видео хочется закинуть экстази)
Mike Eastridge
עאעכמ לגמרי
sigurd boe stenseng
Those who only take away weed and drugs from rockys music aren’t listening
Daniella Oh
I didn't believe in God but He came to me and changed me. He is the One who created us.
I was clubbing, partying, drunk, loving the world, living in flesh then I wondered what is life but I gave my life to Jesus and everything changed. I saw that He suffered and died for my sin. Now I'm no longer in the kingdom of darkness no longer a slave to sin but a child of God.
God is real guys and waiting for us. He waits for sinners to go back to Him. He never wants us to perish. God loves us. Not just philosophically love is love but real love. He is real. Real being. Very close. Has personality. That's why you have personality because He made you. But God is so good he is without any kind of evil. That is why it's hard to know him. God is going to judge evil. But when he does that he is also going to judge us. Evil inside us will lead us to hell. But God again, loves us, so Jesus came to us 2000 years ago and died for us because we had to die.

There are orders that God made for us. But we are going far away from them since we are getting into the last days. Cultures are getting more corrupted. It's all prophesied in the Bible. Jesus told me he is coming soon. If you don't repent you are going to regret so hard when you see God because you are going to be judged. Have heart. Today is the days of grace - yet. Jesus died for our sins. He lived again. If you believe that He has rosed again and He is Son of God you are going to become born again. Repent and go to Jesus until it's too late! He loves you more than his life.

Nothing can satisfy you or comfort you unless you are finally in the right place with God. He is the one who can heal you and restore us to his image. He sent His Son for you.


This is prophecy of 1973 by David Wilkerson, vision given by God. It is low quality but many things became true and will become true.
Sexual sin, porn, homosexual, hating parents, economic disaster, glorifying witchcraft nature disaster. Things are coming. There are devils out there. But good news is the devil was defeated when Jesus died on the cross taking all the curses and sins of humanity which Satan was controlling humanity through it. If you come to Jesus, not religion, you will be free! I'm saying this with experience. Even if you are slave to unrighteousness but if you come to Jesus, He will cleanse you from all things and you will be a child of God and be born again and live a new life. Taste what Heaven is like!

Doing a church and religious activity is different from knowing Jesus. It's all to Jesus or nothing. It's all for God or nothing. Come back to God. There is hell and heaven. We have chance to live.


This is another testimony of ex devil worshiper John Ramirez. He saw hell and gave his life to Jesus.
God loves you so much. It's unimaginable. He is nurturing, comforter, best friend.

As he reveals there are evil spirits and celebrities which signed contract with them to deceive us. We must pray
David Casas
This song will bring me the nostalgic feeling in the future
Umut Baydeniz
#rap ??? omg are you serious is this rap
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