Eastern Ukraine: between war and peace 'ATM Woman': Documentary about 8 months ago   42:39

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The bloody fighting in eastern Ukraine may have died down, but there is no reason to regard the conflict as over. Dnipropetrovsk is only 200km away from the war zone. The conflict has dominated people's lives here and changed their way of thinking.
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Long live Ukraine
Long live neo-Natzism
We will beat the Russia
God bless Ukrainian Fighters.
Russia will pay!
PDD 60 Absorbed
Russia better deal with that hook in their mouth.....but they won't. God bless Ukrainian patriots and damn Kremlin schemes.
And now Ukrainians think that their country is not corrupt anymore. There's as much corruption now than it was before.
Tamo Lamo
Thank God my country is part of NATO.
Colby Tyler
God bless the Ukraine fighters!!
Kevin Barker
I don't blame those soldiers, they're just defending their country. Don't blame them for wanting to join the EU either. But Putin does what Putin does. The U.S. underwrote that colour revolution at Maidan in Kiev in 2013, and Putin organized the insurrection in the east and grabbed Crimea. It's what Putin does; tit for tat, move for move.
As an American all I can say is that from my perspective Europe in general is always breaking away into smaller and smaller weaker states. That may have advantage for local democracies. It would seem that Europeans are going to be nationalistic down to each and every bock on their street, claiming each county and city as a nation state. It worries me as an American as we already have individual states already to go it alone. Instead of a unified world we end up with a bunch of gangs running the world.
is underwear more important than nigh vision devices? lol id say erm no
Walrus Lennon
A good documentary would record both sides. Even documentaries about WWII tell sad stories from the German side. I regretted clicking in as soon as i heard that familiar British accent.
Thunder Pancakes
0:48 skyline kinda looks like Cincinnatti's somewhat
Niels Henrik Kristensen
Lies lies Nazis and fascists are all who do not believe in Putin the Great! He is the truth and the light, superman. Niels underpaid troll.
Kell Schultz
the pressent ukrainian goverment is far more corupt than the previous one. let the east go, they no longer want to be part of the coup ukraine government.
goivani jony
What are they talking about? The rebels are simply ukrainian citizens who are fed up with the curruption and want autonomy
The neo nazi fashist regime in kiev has no legitimacy. Ukraine is a de facto failed state
Shaun SHoLLy Underwood
Slavi Ukrani
Shaun SHoLLy Underwood
thank you
Ana Ignatowicz
I have just seen another video from the other site, so called " rebels". Who is right? Where is the truth. Do not laugh at me...I just do not know. One thing I think...Western countries play they games by using brothers against brothers.
Anton Jaheim
You're Ukrainian government is crippling your own country and is pocketed all the money given by the American and European governments , another backward country the western zinonist governments need to sort it's self out .
Sofia S
Ukrainians they have not learned anything from Yugoslavia. The more they kill each other, it becomes more difficult to live together tomorrow. Or Dombas is gone forever. Talk with each other instead
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'ATM Woman': Documentary about Eastern Ukraine: between war and peace 8 months ago   52:51

Ukraine Today news channel premieres the English-language adaptation of a documentary about the Ukrainian ladies who work as economic migrants in Italy and the children they leave behind.

‘ATM Woman' raises important issues about the social impact on Ukrainian society of economic migration and the challenges this trend poses to traditional family structures.

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